The inner spectrometric sight of the eye

By Merete Gundersen
© 2005


Activity on brain level

The inner spectrometric eye is the eye´s ability to activate the neurons. To use ones inner spectrometric eye is activated, when the light that hits in the physical eye activates the brains neuron activity.

Hence, to what level the eye is able to split up the light, which comes into the eye. If the ability is optimal, the light will be split into millions of facets, and then it will activate millions of tiny electric impulses that activate the neurons in the brain. The eye´s inner spectrometric sight is part of managing and a great factor in how you can work with and influence the neuron connections.

The human intelligence is deeply dependent upon how the eye is capable of splitting the light – all intelligence and the spiritual intelligence is depending upon how the light is split.

If you are blind, it is the ability to split the light in such a way that the eye uses its lens to see out in the world which is not intact. But when you are blind the light hits also the blind and their inner eye are able to – just as sighted people – split the light to activate the neurons. When speaking about light it is both light of high and low frequency.

On earth you cannot find any totally dark room. There will always be beams of light, which cannot be seen by our daily conscious sight or with the sight of nights. Therefore even in a room which we think is without light, there is light that is able to activate the neurons in the brain. These have the ability to activate the thinking and to activate SIQ. Therefore, if you are staying in what we may call a totally dark room, there is still light that can influence us at neuron level, and which are able to split the light in the inner spectrometric eye.

When this article are talking about light, it is not only daylight, it is also and particularly the multiple light from cosmos, which activates the neurons in the brain.

To stay with the blind people it is exactly an ability, which blind people have that they in a great manner have the ability to activate the inner sight and hereby an inner outlook; hence a rich spiritual outlook – they have often an ability for spirituality which lies far beyond the average of human beings. Many people, who have lost other physical functions, have because of this often an ability to use the spiritual intelligence to a far greater extent than we experience it by human beings having all their senses and all physical functions intact and usable. This can be due to the fact that when people experience losses by physical functions, life is experienced with greater peace and quiet whereby the brains ability is trained to use meditative conditions in a more natural manner.

When this meditative condition is activated to such an extent, it activates the inner spectrometric eye in the brain. Hereby the light and the magnetic binding of the thought produce a coherent wave of light that activates the inner spectrometric sight to obtain an inner sight. This light activates the admission to the subtile spiritual world to experience the consciousness and its extension in time and space in order to experience that the consciousness is emanated from the divine and moreover experience the fact that we all are a part of cosmos and the divine.

There exist many kinds of light. There is the sunlight, the moonlight, the light from the remote planets and galaxies. It is all sent through the atmosphere and seeks towards the earth, and since we are living on earth, our brains are pre-available to activate the neurons through the light, which comes from the universe.

The multiple light hits the physical eye and the spectrometric inner eye and through this light colours and patterns are made, which hereby also activates the neurons.
There exists beams of light, which we cannot see with the bare eye; beams of light have also tones, and these shapes the electric wave frequencies, which also activate the neurons of the brain and increase the electric tension between the neurons.

When a person meditates and is totally in silence, the eye´s inner spectrometric sight is trained to function optimal. Hereby the level of neurons is optimized, which always will benefit and arouse the spiritual intelligence. Meditation and visualization are both great factor to activate the spiritual intelligence and the inner spectrometric eye.

This article is translated by Martabolette M. Stecher. She is working as a coach & project developer within her company moldeQ train. The primary aim of her work is transforming people to free their energy to pursuit their higher goals in life and developing things that has never been. Furthermore, she has walked the pilgrim’s rute in Spain: El Camino de Santiago de Compostella, where she also found her business concept. For further information see:


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