You are what you are thinking
and what you surround you with

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You are also your surroundings

Many people repeat the life, which they have learnt by their parents. Statistics show that most people no move far away from where, they were brought up. It may be the case that we all are looking for security, and that we would prefer to live the life we know. Furthermore, there are other forces within, which pull towards new challenges, but we are often to clever not to hear it. Therefore many people are walking around and miss something in their daily life. It can be the case that they are living their parent’s life; hence having the same way of thinking as them, doing almost the same things with minor exceptions, and among all things they get together with the same type of people all their life.

This does not obviously give great challenges. We shall remember that we are a product of our surroundings, therefore also a product of our environment, and therefore it is important and very appropriate to find the environment and the challenges, which develop us towards the goal we make, the visions and dreams of our lives, which we have.

Analyze your life with respect to your surroundings, your environment: Are the things around you helping you towards achieving your goal, or are they holding you back?

The first step forward is to take a decision about that you are NOT supposed to be there, where you are right now; you are not caught by your surroundings. But you can cheat yourself to believe that you are caught, - no one ever is. Your thoughts are cheating you to believe that you only can be there, where you are right now, but that is ONLY an illusion you create yourself. You are the great co-creator of your life. It is an overwhelming thought and a thought many do not like to be confronted with, because it calls for taking responsibility for ones own life. But it is among other things what life on Earth is about. We have a great tradition to believe that it always is all the others or the circumstances, which entails that we are where we are in our lives. But it is a fact that we have put ourselves there.

When you become a part of something, it becomes a part of you.
You can train yourself to brake through old patterns. This can be done by:

  • Think in a new manner
  • Do something different
  • Consciously meet new people
  • Read new literature
  • Get new interests in your spare time
  • Move physically
  • Change the place where you work
  • Get a new education
  • Travel to new places
  • Do new things with old friends

The list could be even longer.
If you do not like to be, where you are right now, then change it! You are not permanently planted in the grown as a three. It is not good to say: “I would, if I could!” – Instead you could say: “I will, because I can!”

By daring to move yourself in all ways in your life, you are able to move your focus, which no one else can do for you. In this way you create development, and that is, what life is all about; through this you live and act and becomes WHAT, you want to be. Let it happen in love, honesty, sincerity and with warmth and with the Hearts Energy . Then you will not make any mistakes.

You are the great creator, therefore:”Create what you want”. It is a great responsibility, honestly to acknowledge that no one else or nothing else – not even your economy – has put you right there, where you are right now. You have done it yourself.
The present of life is great. Let us reveal the gift bit by bit and train ourselves to be a part of the enrichment of our and others life through the many life processes by the Hearts Energy.

Visualize getting the courage to changes in life

Quiet meditative music should fill the room in order be a part of creating changes in your life right now. Calm and quiet is a matter of course in this beautiful process.
When the calm in your body is reached, you imagine that you are going off to a little cosmic journey home to yourself in order to obtain an inner dialogue, which will enrich you and give you a greater overview of your life right now.

To the beautiful tones your consciousness leaves the place, where you are right now, and for your inner eye you see a new beautiful light channel open. This channel may have many colours, and the light channel can be formed by a very bright light spiral energy, which can be felt like you are torn out towards the great universe.

For your inner eye you see at the end of the light channel a distant star or planet appearing. The planer is beautiful with nice surroundings, shapes and colours, and maybe inherited by beautiful peaceful animals. Your consciousness is steering towards the star or planet, which you feel most attracted to. When you land on the planet, you see the most beautiful temple; - it may have many shapes and colours. Calmly you walk towards this beautiful temple. The doors to the temple are already open, when you arrive, and a person of supernatural beauty meets you.

You are now leading into the temple, which is your own inner temple. It is here YOUR eternal wisdom is. It is here; you can receive and get al the guidance, which you need for your life on Earth. In here you will be surrounded by loving divine helpers, which always will guide you, when you visit it.

You imagine that you walk forward to an altar, - here you kneel, - an in front of you stands a person, which will guide you, and you now ask, which change is most appropriate for you right now in your life. You will receive an answer.

Then you ask:”What am I going to take action on right now, if I would like to do what is best for me and my surroundings?” You will receive an answer calmly on your question. Take what is coming towards you, also if you do not understand totally, what it means.

You thank for your answers. You are now leading towards a great oval table, where a number of people are sitting. These people are also guides for you, and you can ask for advices from them, if there is anything in your answers that you do not know. E.g. you can ask: “What should I do tomorrow to get closer to my new changes?” The best is that these questions comes from within, which will give the greatest development and the greatest courage towards change.

When you have received your the answer, you seek, you thank for the help, you have received in your inner beautiful temple.
You can now thing about leaving your inner temple, and slowly your consciousness begins to move towards the Earth and back to the spot, where your physical body is right now. Gently you begin to be present in the room, where you are, and you can no again open your eyes in certainty that you here – in your own inner beautiful temple – have received the most unique guidance for your future growth in life. A guidance which no clairvoyant, palm reader or any other therapist could have given you.

It will now be a good idea to write it all down, so you are able to remember it and work further with it in the time coming up. Such a meditative condition and such visualization will always help the growth of the spirit.

The life and the changes in life can sometimes be so hard to handle that a therapist always will help, but we are all capable of a lot ourselves, if we have the courage to through ourselves into change and transformation.

Good luck with your changes and transformation to help your life and the life of your surroundings.
Merete Gundersen is a holistic psycho spiritual guide and coach. She teaches for all groups around the country.

Merete Gundersen is also the author of six books about the human psycho spiritual development.

One is translated into English- Heart Energy, by Merete Gundersen - ISBN 0-9723471-2-7


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