The Spiritual Intelligence
Knowledge about Heart Brain and consciouness

A new oriented concept developed on the theory,
All that we are is the result of what we have thought

The mind is everything.
What we think, we become
Gautama Siddharta 

®-The Spiritual Intelligence

Pages where you can find information about SIQ. Does everybody have the capacity to develop SIQ? Is it an inherent intelligence in the human brain? On this page you can find the answers to some of these questions.

Here you can obtain information about SIQ–The Spiritual Intelligence

• What is the spiritual intelligence?

• Is it a centre in the brain?

• What use does it have?

• Is it to be found in the brain of everybody?

• Does any kind of investigation exist about SIQ

The aim is to survey the spiritual intelligence through the many activities of the brain and by ways of the activities of the neurones in the brain.

Here you can make a test

Test your spirituality

You can get more information from the book Heart Energy written by Merete Gundersen:
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Who Introduced
the many kinds of personal intelligence?

The psychologist and professor Howard Gardner at the Harvard University, USA, in a book from the eighties, lanced the concept the seven intelligences, which solemnly is the credit of Howard Gardener.

In the nineties Donah Zohar and Ian Marshall wrote the book spiritual intelligence SQ. The book deals with their common investigation. Their investigation in the brain points out that we have a “god point”, which can be activated and that the experiences of this god point are our spiritual experiences.

As well here in Denmark I have lanced the concept: SIQ–The Spiritual Intelligence.

My work consists in making this concept an everyday thing of life, what it means to be spiritual and to point out that all of us are spiritual individuals with this capacity being inherent, a quality predisposed in the brain, which can be activated in everybody. At a given moment in the evolution, it will be activated in all human beings.

To be able to use ones SIQ enables an expansion of this capacity, as well as to perceive. I connect all these concepts, which normally we call occult capacities, and instead call them the expanded perceiving and attribute them a great value for the human development towards Christian charity.
My work also consists of describing, how we can make use of these qualities and what we can do in order to come in contact with the spiritual intelligence.

This is done by means of

• Conscious force of thought

• Meditation

• Visualization

• Prayer

This way we are able to use our visual mind in order to create and to develop the whole of our intelligent spectrum.

I have drawn up several questionnaires, where it is possible to test ones spirituality.

 Test your sensitivity



What does SIQ
–the Spiritual Intelligence consists of?

 IQ – Mathematical logic intelligence

 PQ – Psychological intelligence

 EQ – The intelligence of the feelings

 SQ – Divine/spiritual creative intelligence

IQ   -
is all the known and ruling theories about mathematical and logical intelligence, providing the base for the training in order to learn the knowledge already known, and at the same time using it to teach people the capacity called learning. To learn TO LEARN, is here the main reason, and chiefly in this matter the photographical  capacity of the brain.

At the same time you can call it the use of ones coptical mind, as it is through this type of learning by heart that you retell the history of others and the conventional understanding of  learning, where you yourself do not create new thoughts, but alone use and acquire the knowledge that on beforehand is available. In the coptical mind you will not find any new thinking, but not because of that to underrate this form of learning.

The capacity of the brain of the coptical mind is developed both linguistically as mathematically.Learning is an essential part of this, which enables one to manage life in a highly technological society as is our modern world, as well as in the many hundreds of years to come.

Many people who are born with a very high spiritual intelligence, find it is extremely difficult to use or train the capacity, as for them it is not very interesting not to be able to be creative by means of the thought streams. Therefore, often in the ordinary primary school they have a difficult time, as much or a great deal of the teachings, are performed by this type of learning. The coptical brain is activated by itself, as a predisposition in the brain, being encoded in the DNA. This is done, because this capacity is one of our very big mechanisms of surviving as the human race on the planet Earth.

PQ – is the capacity to know about ones own soul development, but also to know something about, what happens in other persons, in a good and loving way to dare sense and feel other peoples’ unbalances. By training the psychological intelligence one learn to accept the enormous behaviour difficulties existing among people, and by daring to look at this part of the human development, the acceptance will grow between people, and the wish of wanting to chance other persons’ behaviour, will disappear.

More and more also the cultural differences will be accepted. In a higher degree we are going to look at the differences as a positive gift in stead of it being an unbalance that has to be destroyed.

EQ -
is the capacity to work with ones feelings in a tangible and action minded way. As well it is important to learn to observe the feelings, not as something which has to take and end, but something with which you have/are to live with. The reason is, this is what life is all about – at all times dare to be, where each individual is in life right at this moment.

To learn not to compare oneself with the development other persons, and where they are in their lives. Dare to be actively acting, thinking and feeling with the Heart. Never to ask ones intellect about something that has to do with the feelings, but always to the heart. The heart’s answer is always the correct one.

SQ -
is the ability to work with the visual mind through believing, prayers, meditation and visualization. To work purposive with the force of thought, and the main factor being the human consciousness. It is working with the inner core of ones own soul in a manner of acceptance, supporting and an all loving way. Here you work with the principle of equality, with a love for peace and peace-making in all religions, being on equal terms, and that the acceptance of a universal freedom will be an ability not to be afraid of entering into the mind.

The inner life and growth of the soul is stimulated by daring to look at ones own unbalances and inherent talents. By working persistently with forgiveness, very quickly it enables oneself to get rid of old traumas and hereby being able to make new goals.

Forgiveness of oneself and others is a big potential of development. Right behind the forgiveness process, freedom is situated. Freedom to become the great creator of one’s own life. Prayers can be used, as well as the creative mind of thought creating new ways of thinking for the growth of the soul. During the whole life span on Earth, it is a matter of the development of the soul. So why not become an active participant in the growth of this soul, in stead of letting the surroundings lead or govern you. The matter is the concern of the growth of YOUR soul.

To use the Intelligence

Everybody in perfect health uses IQ-PQ-EQ and SQ, but it is said that often there exist an unbalance in the use of these intelligences. It is here something can be done for the proper development of oneself by working more goal-oriented with the different forms of intelligences and hereby obtain balance. But also, how to learn to focus, when to use one form or the other. Often, too great a part of the brain capacity in IQ is being used – it being the psychological intelligence, a small part of the EQ – the intelligence of the feelings, and almost nothing of the SQ – the spiritual intelligence.

The truth is that when we activate the SIQ, new things in life happen – the love of the fellow man is developed, creativity, force, new thinking, and above all the richness of ideas. Also one becomes aware of, when to use one or the other. In this you find the whole human development towards higher spiritual and ethic goals for ones’ own self-expression.

Humans who are born with a high SIQ prefer to use the capacity, where they themselves are the creators and where the mind does not fear new ways of thinking. Much more when people are allowed to use this capacity, they will develop their full potentials in a more appropriate manner. 



The Spiritual Intelligence contains

•   The 6th sense – which is equal to  
•   The energy sense– which is equal to 
•   The light sense – which is equal to

•    Energy sensibility

•   The capacity to receive divine inflow of light

•   The capacity to receive thoughts from the collective

Unconsciousness in an awakening state  

The spiritual intelligence is the capacity of the human being, being capable of using as big a part of the brain’s potentials as much as it is humanly possible. In the modern society, particularly in the sector of education, is emphasised the use of using, training and practise the coptical thought activity. This way the spiritual intelligence is clipped, as well as the creativity and the capacity of new ways of thinking.

When we both learn to use and practice the brain to learn something by heart, as well as open up, the mind has a very big potential of where to draw from. The spiritual dimension gives access to bigger creativity and new thinking. Therefore, it is important that, too, in the future we learn to use this dimension.



IQ- EQ- SQ-are equal to
®–The Spiritual Intelligence

SIQ activates all inherent talents of the human mind

SIQ stimulates through

• The energy of the heart – Working with the mind of the feelings 
• The force of thought – Visual form creating thoughts

• Meditation – Beta – Delta wave frequencies

• Visualization – The form creating universe

• Prayers – Inner direction

• Creative mind – Art display

All talents have an influence on the neurons of the brain. The level of the activity of the brain’s neurons is either heightened or been suspended. The interaction between this activity forms part of completing all the known intelligences to a whole and thereby forming the SIQ.



How is the SIQ
-The Spiritual Intelligence activated?

can be activated through the following action or happenings

• Positive thought force

• Meditation

• Creative Visualization
• Prayers

• The world of dreaming

• Handling of the feelings

• Plays

• Natural experiences

• Drawing and Painting

• Music/sound

• Influence of light

• Sport

• Freedom

• The development of ones own mind




When is SIQ® activated
as a constructive fellow player in your life?

When you learn to listen to your dreams and to your unconscious mind

When you work creatively

When you work within freedom

When your visions appear to become unfolded

When your dreams become clear visions

When you meditate regularly

When you use your capacity to visualize, written or visual or both

When you work actively to become a better person, for you yourself and fellow men

When you learn to forgive

When you use your prayers daily

When you handle your anger in a proper way

When you learn to take responsibility for your own health

When you learn to listen to the signals of your body

When you actively try to preserve a healthy body through a healthy diet

When you are capable to keep the egoistic ego quiet

When you dare receiving and understand signals and information given to you through inner guidance or dreams

When you dare develop and understand the ESP capacity and your own spiritual experiences, which is very unique from person to person, and not two persons receive quite the same type of experience

When you activity learn to work with the thought force, which is magnetic binding. The thought force is an emission of electric impulses and therefore they can be received by other brains.

When the thought mind does not contain negativity




Development of
® - The Spiritual Intelligence       

In order to develop SIQ – one has to use these twelve important capacities

• Focus

• Dare to look into oneself

• Release all condemnations

• Forgive of one self and others

• The desire to help and serve

• Patience and tolerance

• Reverence and humility

• Truthful, joy

• Faith to ones own self, to the fellow man, Christ and GOD

• Love to ones own self, to the fellow man, Christ and GOD

• Confidence in the faith

• Meditation – visualization and Prayer



The Theory about
® – The Spiritual Intelligence

Merete Gundersen

What do you receive by using the theory SIQ

In order to be able to give an answer, first we have to be aware of to whom this theory is to be directed. The Theory of the spiritual intelligence is the theory of that all of us are spiritual creatures, and that we all have this inherent capacity as an evolutionary capacity which can be activated at a given moment in life. A human being with an alert spiritual intelligence often is considered as being mentally ill.

SIQ is the capacity to use an expanded sense perception and is trained through

• Conscious thought force

• Meditation

• Visualization

• Prayer

Mentally ill or spiritual developed – where the border is made and how one of them is defined in difference to the other, is a task for our society to investigate and define, if not all of us have to take medicine. Or even worse that most of us have to be hospitalized in a psychiatrical ward.

The answer to, how we can avoid this development, is by way of information about, what spirituality is, but also we have to develop the capacity and the courage to acknowledge the spirituality as an expanded way of sensing, which is useful in life. This point of view must be in priority in order to avoid that, which otherwise could be experienced as a mass psychosis of the human race.

During many years I have worked with the spiritual dimension. Through my work I have to admit that is has been and is incredibly difficult to make myself heard and accepted, and that something as a spiritual dimension is real, which can enlarge the quality of life.

This I look upon as a deficiency, being very unfortunate.
The established system is suffering by the common understanding that people, who can sense more than others, are psychically unstable and worse – psychically ill. And I mean it literally that a suffering is connected with this opinion, not only the ones that are “dreamed” mentally ill without being it, but also the ones, who “dream”.

Hereby they condemn their own probable spiritual development and this way, and in life find it difficult to acquire whole new points of view. You can say that often their lives can become incredibly conforming.
The answer, then, put to this first sentence is that the theory can be used to all people and that everybody can develop their spiritual dimension.

This to possess special intensified senses or intensified sensing, often is combined with an expanded consciousness. Well, it is a natural reason of developing oneself towards the spiritual direction, and seldom an expression for the lack of psychical balance.

As already mentioned, it is a matter of a capacity the normal brain has inherent as a potential, and this potential can be activated in all human beings and will, at a given moment, be in the development of each individual.

Education and information is the answer about what and how people aught to handle the situation, in which, may be, they suddenly – sense something they are not used to - sensing something others do not feel, experience observing an expanded picture of the world – see divine symbols and beings – receive beautiful apparitions and visions, which involves the most correct development for the whole human race - an inevitable development, as this ability will be activated in everybody.

This is the reason, why it is so important to inform about the SIQ The spiritual Intelligence. Through my teachings all over the country, I have met thousands of people, who have “seen”, “heard” or sensed something the person next to me has not seen, felt or heard. It is impossible that all of them can be crazy. Other explanations exist.

One of them is that these persons are spiritually developed and in particular their SIQ is well developed. Therefore, no way most of them have the need to take medicine, only information about it and education in

Why do I experience this?

What use will it have?

All together is it of any use?

Am I mad, when I feel this way?

Am I something special?

Why do I hear voices?

Can I do something myself in order to get rid of it?

In the case of choosing the theory SIQ, teaching and inform, the biggest advantage is that no more a great deal of the human race will be believing that they are different than others, that they are mad, that they are mentally ill, but instead know that they are quite normal with an expanded form of sensing, which they will be able to benefit from in all areas of life.

In the art and literature this dimension has been used during thousands of years, as well as in the area of the economic life ones spiritual intelligence can be useful, because it is active and daring to use it, you have your whole visual mind in order to think and create new ways.

By using this theory, we will obtain a more healthy and integrated persons, living a life in agreement with their own inner picture of the world. Above all we will avoid a big part of the population being made ill with all this that implies to be unfit for work and may be, too, on medication.

What have we obtained by using this theory and not another?
When human beings get in contact with their spirituality, often they become surprised and some times a little afraid and timid. They start searching for people, who have had the same kind of experiences, as themselves.

But it is some what difficult to find somebody, who has experienced almost the same as oneself, as all spiritual experiences are quite unique for each person and alone belong to that person it affects. On the other hand, what often happens is that you find people, who have had similar experiences, and from there start talking and forming groups.

It can be very healthy and very developing, but at the same time stagnating, if you continue staying at the same place for ages. When ones inner spiritual core has been found, it is important that once more you try to find new and old groups of people, because you have to implement the new capacity in your daily life. At the same time you need to make it suitable for the kind of life, you live.

This will be obtained, when the theory is understood, and then has (side 9) comprehended that this new capacity, which has occurred, only is something, which gives growth and new possibilities in life, if one dare using it optimally, by means of meditation, visualization, prayers and force of thought.

This theory forms part of the  Spiritual Scientific tradition, which has been know for more than a hundred years, but also newer theories have seen the light of day, such as the literature by Asger Lorentsen. However, several of them are not so common in character, not making it easy to implement them in the daily life. On the other hand the use of and the teaching of SIQ, The Spiritual Intelligence, is of a more common and accessible character.

The philosophy of life and pedagogy based on SIQ living in accordance with and in a balanced way, keeps people healthy and sound, happy, full of love and open-minded. Above all they, who use their SIQ through the teaching and training in SIQ, on a deep level have learned themselves to know, and where now they are able to use their intensified sensing in an appropriate manner.

A weakness in the theory is that, if it is not understood and transformed with love in the mind, it can be misused and people can start competing,  who know the most, and who is able to obtain the most beautiful spiritual experiences. Consequently developing a very egoistic and self oriented ego, which will lead them astray and hereby not obtaining the desired result, which is to be able to become a more complete human being with a bigger joy of life, energy and courage.


What is my impression of the theory

My superior impression of the theory is through my many years of using it as a tool and mainly has been to work with adults. The theory gives both the client and pupils insight into their most profound layers of the consciousness, that they learn to know themselves on a very deep level, without it being connected with a particular religion or belief. Everybody can have a belief or another, which is suitable for them, without it having an influence of, how they find the inner or outer quietness and peace in life.

The theory does not cause a dogmatic way of thinking, but alone an expansion of every single person’s ability, as well as every single person’s courage to take the plunge. When you are working with the spiritual dimension, you can not avoid working with your ego, and hereby refine all ones’ opinions, the love for oneself and fellow beings, will always grow.

The superior competences, which people acquire through the use of SIQ
– The Spiritual Intelligence, can be one of more of the following

• Balanced confidence

• Balanced insight in one self

• Greater individuality in a more balanced manner

• Greater spiritual insight

• Expanded and intensified sensing

• Expanded creative thinking in many levels

• A very developed richness of ideas

• Thinking with love in all brotherly connections

• Greater readiness to help

• Expanded creative development on many levels

• Empathy – understanding of ones own feelings

• Empathy – be able to read other people

• Usage of the intensified sensing in the service of love        



What does the theory mean
to me and my pedagogy?

With advantage the theory and the learning can be used everywhere in the system of education, where you work with people. One could imagine that the spiritual dimension and the teaching of this, would be admitted in the educations of pedagogy, within the psychiatrically system, the psychology and the psycho therapy. Also within the education of nurses and physicians are obvious places, where the teaching of SIQ could be enriching, expanding the vision of the human mind, as well as here the usefulness of it being implemented.

In particular if the researchers all over the country would allow discussing the matters related to the spiritual dimension, we could accomplice much more. Within this matter researching is a short supply.

However, researching is being done in several places in the country, among others on Ålborg Universitet/The University of Aalborg, at the Investigation- and Centre of Knowledge VIFAB for alternative treatment, as well as at the Syddansk Universitet/South Danish University. Earlier also at RUC/Roskilde Universitets Center.

These insights really would be of great profit and value within the areas of children’s pedagogy, as it is wise to start right at the level of our children, who very often have a great form of expanded sensing, and because of this factor, often live in many other worlds, than those we as adults see and capture. If their teachers and nursery assistants would have a wider insight in SIQ, in a more appropriate way, they would be able to support many of these children.

The theory has been developed during the last twelve years from the material of my own insight and through my work as a psycho spiritual guide, teacher and coacher. Pedagogical wise one can say that this line is a line, which has to be conceived as a supplement to the already existent pedagogical guidelines and as a supplement to the already existent insights within psychology. One can not say that SIQ is a movement, but rather about an extra supplement to the already existent theories.

SIQ is the space of love and spirit of the human mind, - a space and an acknowledgement, which can be experiences and winded already existent competences in the human life on Earth. So let us all open up for this dimension and use it in each our way of working.


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