Intelligence and evolution

By Merete Gundersen
© Copyright 2005

 painting by Mette Hansgaard ©

New thinking

During the last years, much is being written about intelligence these years - and the function of the human intelligence is a subject we especially eagerly have been trying, for some decades, to analyze and describe. It is a “hot subject” and frequently brought up, as well in groups of scientists as in schools.

The discussion about intelligence is no longer a subject full of taboo and, in the least, no longer something you only connect with big IQ versus small IQ. At present the debate is more colourful and flourishing and going in the direction of intelligence being an unbelievable multifarious magnitude. During the past years the debate about what belongs to the concept intelligence has expanded, for instance the concepts of “emotional intelligence” and “social intelligence” have been added as essential factors, and the concept SIQ - The Spiritual Intelligence® may well be added soon in the debate.

Since the beginning of time all over the globe the subject has absorbed many people, just think of Plato, Socrates, and others - and still we have difficulties in answering what intelligence really is.
We have made tests in order to measure the human intelligence quotient, but it looks like that these tests cannot measure the complete extension of the intelligence of a human being. And under high pressure all over the world, it is being investigated to find out, what intelligence really is, and to find out better and more suitable methods to measure the human intelligence.

Is it perhaps only a thing of the past about the intelligence tests? But if testing has to be done, it is important that also the test relate to the spiritual intelligence - because optimal use of SIQ gives the largest possible capacity for creativity and new thinking. During the latest years, in the investigation and descriptions of the human intelligence, many new aspects have been pointed out. Concepts as “the 7” and “the 9” intelligences, go from strength to strength all over the globe, and also in the scientific circles there has been working on the spiritual intelligence, yet mainly in the USA.

Genetics and intelligence

The great question would be, if the answers of all the questions concerning the human intelligence can or should be found in the genetic hereditary material. Is it a genetic evolutionary capacity being possessed by the brain causing that we, the human beings, are able to lower or enlarge the neuron activity in the human brain? And would it very well be through this dissimilarity in the neuron activity, that different intelligences are created?

Among the neuron connections the electrical signals vary in speed, individually from one person to another, and this difference in the speed determines, what form of intelligence is the most developed in each individual. One day we may via genetic even be able to observe which of the individual person’s brain centres are the most developed. Perhaps the genetic will show us the way to the renewal of the mapping of the brains activity in a new and different way.

Then we can, by means of the genetic engineering, contribute to the development of health for the human brain optimizing, or of moderating the brain capacity according to what is the most sensible for us to develop as a human race. If we are born with obvious faults in the neuron connections - or we are born with different illnesses, revealing themselves by over-activity in the electrical nervous impulses - we should then be able to heal illnesses by means of influencing the neuron activity.

Spirituality and neuron activity

Characteristic for spiritually developed persons is the ability to think rapidly. Apparently it adds up to have developed more ramification and communication points in the brain than what is being the case generally. Neuron connections can be given life by means of light, and the speed of the neurons accelerated during meditation, where the consciousness is been expanded. The correct form of meditation needs to be learned to be able to expand the neuron level. In case the technique is not mastered, one will just fall asleep. So, if the meditation technique is not mastered, it is better to use visualization as a practice in increasing the neuron activity.

All the time the human intelligence is in expansion - and no doubt that through the brain we have an enormous potential from where we can draw, and hereby through the intelligence. We develop, invent, and experiment by means of creative thoughts and our richness of ideas. We verify and test all our many constructive thoughts, all together by hoping to receive, obtain, and administrate knowledge for the benefit of the human development, in the material features as well as the level of fellow humans.

This capacity enabling one self to be renewed all the time, and to invent, is an ability to “dive under” into the collective “idea bank”, as everybody, being trained so, can do. This to be further developed by activating the connections in the brain by means of meditation and visualization.

By creative thinking the signals in the brain “are being born” and exchanged, and by this activation there are transmitted the impulses further on to other centres. One stream of thoughts replaces the other, and all the time it is about the neuron activity of the electrical level. When one stops his or hers stream of thoughts - which is the case during meditation - the level of activity in the electrical impulses is being lowered.

The collective unconsciousness

When the electrical impulses are calming down, the neurons in the brain starts to be able to respond to the light bodies and the aura. In the light bodies is placed a kind of transformer, also being called the “spiritual brain”. This “brain” responds to light. During meditative conditions the brain is able to communicate with the collective unconsciousness. This happens by means of influence of light, from cosmic inflow of light though the aura - and further on from there and into the physical, human brain.

All the time the brain receives flows of thoughts transmitted from the collective unconsciousness. However when, from within, ones own thoughts are barring the collective universe of thoughts, the thoughts are not being renewed optimally without meditation. In that case this process could then be described as “receiving a message” from ones spiritual helpers, or from ones higher self, ones own soul, and - in the more beautiful occurrences - from the Spirit or GOD, or it can be called an inspiration - all whether by the temperament or by belief.

The human being is moveable in thought, essence and being - hence, in nanoseconds our frequency in the brain changes. The strength is, of course, to be able to control this in such a way, that we only “attract” and deliver what we desire.

In fact, it is a case about having several brains or many brain centres. The rational brain collects information programmed by one self from the brain-of-copying. The spiritual brain collects its information from the creativity and from the visual consciousness, as well as from what we call the mind, but also from the collective consciousness and unconsciousness. What the spiritual brain grasps and understands can be very difficult for the person’s rational brain to understand and convert it into an understandable usage by means of this rational brain. When all the qualities of the brain are in use, we make use optimally of our capacities and talents.

Neural Networks

Electrical impulses and neural networks

By Merete Gundersen
© Copyright 2005

The activity of the brain takes place in between the neurons through the synopses. The neurons project electrical impulses of various oscillations that are being directed in between in the neural network. There exists synapses sending and receiving.
They work independently of each other, but interact in a correlation.

The electrical impulses that both are being sent out and received by the brain, interacts in between all the other electrical impulses in the space’s atomic field of energy. This means, that all what is being send out from the brain, continuously remain as an electrical field of energy in space for all times, and everything that is received by the brain, is old material or old charges of thought material.

Also the brain should be able to do new thinking, which is being executed by new words forming new electrical impulses in the brain. These interact with “old” neuron connections, which produces new impulses to new formation of neural network, being then deposited in the brain to be new knowledge.


 Brain cells

The influence of sound on brain cells

All thoughts we think, are issuing vibrations. On the outer side of the wall of the cells the receptors are programmed to catch a particular pattern of oscillation - a special vibration. The vibration is then transferred to the cell liquid. This takes part in arranging that the cells are able to function optimally. In particular the brain oscillations are responsible for those oscillations that the rest of the body receives. The different thoughts create different oscillations at the cell level - therefore, what/how we think, is of obvious importance.
Therefore, it is also obvious that depressive thoughts vibrate on a frequency that makes the cell move out of balance.
If we follow this clue, it can be seen, that our thoughts can participate in keeping us in perfect health mentally, right down onto cell level.

If all the time dark thoughts move around in the brain, vibrations are transmitted into the body cells to act in a certain way, which perhaps is not in balance with the original speed of oscillation,. Thus, one can imagine, that negative or dark thoughts form an unhealthy climate right down onto the cell level.

Therefore it could be very interesting to map thought forms, their oscillation speed, and their electrical impulses - to notice, which importance they have to the health. Working on obtaining this surveyed, we may arrive at being able - incredibly much - to heal mentally solemnly by means of thought power.


  •  By meditation the electrical tension (voltage) in the cells increases
  • By visualizing the electrical voltage in the cells is differentiated
  • The electrical tension (voltage) of the cells depends on your climate of thought
  • Bright climate of thought: optimal voltage in the cell
  • A thought climate of love: optimal tension (voltage) in the ce
  • Dark thought: low voltage in the cell
  • Depressive thought: ultra low voltage in the cells

The neurons in the brain are depended on having the most optimal electrical voltage for being able to maintain a healthy and well balanced human being.

Many other things than the thoughts influence the cells. All kind of sounds have an impact on the cells. Therefore it is important, what kind of noise we are exposed to during the day. Also music affects the water molecules in the cells, and therefore music, as a healing factor, perhaps also takes a great part in the future healing techniques - particular in matters concerning the human psyche, but also the biological body. Already now investigations and experiments are being made on hospitals all over the world in order to find out, where and how the sound can be a healing factor in the health/illness field.

As can be seen from the tones, shown below, all of them have a colour and a frequency, and this frequency vibrates in space and are influencing our physical body, as well as our way of thinking and consciousness.


C --------    Red

D --------    Yellow

D# ------    Glint of Steel

E  -------     Pearly Blue

F --------     Dark red

F# -------    Bright Blue

G  -------    Rosy Orange

G# -------   Purple

A  --------   Green

A# -------   Glint of Steel

B   -------    Soft Blue

C   -------   Violet


Sound and alphabet

By Merete Gundersen
© Copyright 2005


Thinking full of power

A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-X-Y-Z-Æ-Ø-Å - all these letters have a stem form.
On a daily basis, when we talk and think the consciousness and the brain work with fractal patterns which we from the brain send out into the atmosphere, and which the brain can capture, once more, by means of the light. We are surround by mathematics, the whole humanly consciousness can be read mathematically.

Fractal patterns are mathematics and when, through the language of the computer, we start to work with the thinking and put it into a computer program, which can differentiate the fractal patterns - we get closer to the vision called: to be able to read the human consciousness. This is one aspect, - another is when we are more conscious about our way of thinking, then we will become a bigger co-creator of cosmological changes. Seriously we obtain the comprehension that the human way of thinking is an activity full of power, almost in an atomic level, and this capacity full of power takes part in influencing much more clean atomic wise that we are aware of, when we make the every day thinking.

Every letter has a sound and hereby also a wave form, which oscillates according to a special light frequency, and every time we combine words, a gathered light frequency appears, strikes the neurons of the brain and hereby activating the neurones, and this way the thinking begins.

Words as High Frequency Light

In principle each phoneme is represented by letters or other characters. The sound of languages creates oscillations waving with certain frequencies. Each sound consists of a fraction, possible to hear by ear, or measurable for instance by a sound apparatus; another fraction consists of high frequency light. The normal optic nerve of the eye cannot see this light - thus it is unknown to most people. However, this fraction is being perceived directly by the brain, as this high frequency fraction of sound creates magnetic fields being receptive by the brain.

Briefly explained - the biggest fraction in the words consist of invisible high frequency light - corresponding to the way that only one tenth of an iceberg is visible, the remaining nine tenths being hidden below the surface of the sea. However, this invisible fraction, i.e. the most large fraction of sounds consisting of high frequency light receptive by the brain, activates the neurones of the brain for dealing with the thinking. Technically it is known to us already in a more rough form, e.g. when a verbal narrative in a radio lecture is having the sound track transmitted as light through a fibre optic cable to the radio receiver, so that it can be heard by the listeners.

Each time we put words together a total light frequency is being created; this hits the neurones of the brain thus activating the neurones - and producing the thoughts is initiated. Therefore, it is important what we think and what we experience.

When thoughts include words, these will often have been created of several syllables, i.e. composed by individual sounds, phonemes, all creating waves in the brain. This activity is one of the most important factors in human lives. All human beings pronounce the sound differently of the same word, syllable, or letter, - therefore the same ways of thinking of two individual persons are not entirely identical, and that is why two individuals may experience the same thoughts in two different ways, and thus the same way of life may easily be perceived differently.

  • Letters relate to words
  • Words relate to sound
  • Sound relates to light
  • Light relates to waves and frequencies and to electro-magnetic beams
  • Oscillations and frequencies may appear both in the form of a wave and a as a field

As can be understood by the context (above), it is far from being unimportant, what kind of people we associate wit, and what kind of language we use, nor the subjects we choose. All our way of thinking and hereby also our language has a far greater effect on the consciousness than we immediately think. When the sounds or syllables oscillates, the light starts coming in waves to and through, and in this oscillation lives and acts our neuron activity - hereby giving life to our consciousness, as being an active and useful partner in life. When the consciousness is being motivated by a way of thinking bigger, but also from a more ordinary way of thinking, the human consciousness is expanded to form new ways of thinking.

Different languages oscillate on different frequencies, and this way the different languages activate different qualities in the mind of the people living where the language is spoken. This is one of the reasons that we have different cultures, but many other facets also play a part, when we are dealing with the cultural differences. The sound or the tone of the language is just one of them.

This article is translated by, Inge Korstgård, translator and facial reflexologist


The inner spectrometric sight of the eye

By Merete Gundersen
© Copyright 2005



Activity on brain level

The inner spectrometric eye contains the eye’s ability to activate the neurons. The ability to use ones inner spectrometric eye, is activated, when the light that hits in the physical eye activates the brains neuron activity.

Hence, to what level the eye is able to split up the light, which comes into the eye. If the ability is optimal, the light will be split into millions of facets, and then it will activate millions of tiny electric impulses that activate the neurons in the brain. The eye’s inner spectrometric sight is a co-operator and a great factor concerning how you can work with, and influence, the neuron connections.

The human intelligence is deeply dependent on how the eye is capable of splitting the light - in fact, all intelligence and the spiritual intelligence is depending on how the light is split.

Light of high and low frequency

If a person is blind, it is the ability which is not intact concerning to split the light in such a way that the eye uses its lens to see out in the world. But light hits also the blind persons, and their inner eye are able to - just as sighted people - split the light to activate the neurons. When speaking about light, it concerns both the light of high and low frequency.

On earth you cannot find any totally dark room. There will always be beams of light, which cannot be seen by our daily conscious sight or with the sight of nights or night vision. Therefore even in a room which we think is without light, there is light that is able to activate the neurons in the brain. These have the ability to activate the thinking and to activate SIQ. Therefore, if you are staying in what we may call a totally dark room, there is still light that can influence us at neuron level, and which are able to contribute to split the light in the inner spectrometric eye.

When this article are talking about light, it is not only daylight, it is also and particularly the multiple light from cosmos, which activates the neurons in the brain.

Concerning the blind people the ability mentioned is exactly an ability, which blind people have that they in a great manner can use for activating the inner sight and hereby an inner outlook; hence a rich spiritual outlook. Often, they have ability for spirituality which lies far beyond the average of human beings. Many people, who have lost other physical functions, often have - because of this - an ability to use the spiritual intelligence to a far greater extent than we experience it by human beings having all their senses and all physical functions intact and usable.

This can be due to the fact, that when people experience losses of physical functions, life often is experienced with greater peace and quietness, whereby the brain’s ability is trained to use meditative conditions in a manner more directly.

Magnetic binding of thought

When this meditative condition is activated to a great extent, it activates the inner spectrometric eye in the brain. Hereby the light and the magnetic binding of the thought produce a coherent wave of light that activates the inner spectrometric sight to obtain an inner sight. This light activates the admission to the subtle spiritual world to experience the consciousness and its extension in time and space. This in order to experience, that the consciousness is emanated from the divine, and  moreover experience the fact that we all are a part of cosmos and the divine.

There exist many kinds of light. There is the sunlight, the moonlight, the light from the remote planets and galaxies. It is all sent through the atmosphere and seeks towards the earth, and since we are living on earth, our brains are predisposed to activate the neurons through the light, which comes from the entire universe.

Beams of Light

The multiple spectre of light hits the physical eye and, not the least, the spectrometric inner eye - and through this light colours and patterns are made, which hereby also activates the neurons.
There exists beams of light, which we cannot see with the naked eye; beams of light have also tones, and these shapes the electric wave frequencies, which also activate the neurons of the brain and increase the electric tension between the neurons.

When a person meditates and is totally in silence, the eye’s inner spectrometric sight is trained to function optimal. Hereby the level of neurons is optimized, which always will benefit and arouse the spiritual intelligence. Meditation and visualization are both great factors for activating the spiritual intelligence and the inner spectrometric eye.

The last part of the article is translated by Martabolette M. Stecher.


Said about the article

Advanced Knowledge

Having read your text "Intelligence and Evolution", I ended up being extremely enthusiastic. For instance, this: "... anything being transmitted from the brain remains as an electric field of energy forever in space ...", appears as being karma-reflecting and resulting in a great responsibility by every person. The technical data, e.g. about depressions and other sorts of brain related activities are of incredible information value - bound to attract great attention and interest internationally.
The entire text is advanced knowledge at a highest level. A knowledge strongly needed, contributing to solutions on these often less comprehended, but most vital fields.

Ove von Spaeth, writer, historian, researcher

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