Current Thoughts about
Love- Healing and Faith

By Merete Gundersen

When man´s ”ulterior motives” come from sincere care for his neighbour, healing  will always take place as distant healing as well as healing of physical persons. This is the reason why every human being can heal.


Man´s ”ulterior motives” are the motives originally being in balance with the current thoughts of God. The original current thoughts form the spectral lines of God´s light and the fractal patterns in the Universe. These “ulterior motives” and fractal patterns are elements that the human brain responds to at all times. They are activated by and in the light and are furthermore encoded in our DNA.


Healing is love and love is light. Love and light are one. When love blossoms in your mind, each person will bloom. In order to be a healer working in the current of God´s light, you must acknowledge your affiliation to God and the entire Divine Kingdom – this Kingdom being the true guide for man on Earth.


When true love resides in your mind, man will automatically work for peace on all levels, first and foremost in his own life. From peace comes the wish of doing something for your neighbour as a natural way of life and behaviour. 


When true love resides in your mind, and when comforting others is a natural part of your life, humility and strength will also be part of the everyday life.


Jesus was the greatest healer of all. If we wish to be skilled healers ourselves, we must work on ourselves and make a great effort to comply with the 10 commandments. If we do so, we can, just like Jesus, perform miracles both in our own lives but also in others.


Religion without faith and faith without religion does not make sense as a philosophy of life. If we all understand that no religion has the ultimate answer, we would much quicker reach further in human development. The greatest and best religion and faith is the message of love from man to man. Dare we believe that?



To love yourself, opens up for loving others
When giving equals receiving, we live in God´s light
To dare loose is to love, if you do not love, you cannot loose



Please others and you will please yourself
Comfort others and you will be comforted
Love others and you will be loved





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