The Book Series With Many Pearls

By Torben Skettrup

Many Pearls

At present a lot of books about spiritual subjects are published around the world. Hence it is a pleasure to watch the book by Merete Gundersen being written in this part of the world. Merete is one of the truly active capacities in Denmark within the alternative world, and she is doing a great job among other things to build a bridge between the alternative methods and the established methods within the area of medicine.

In this series: The spiritual human being volume I and volume IV there is collected a number of her chanalised essays used for education and lectures in the period 1998 – 2006. Therefore a lot of subjects are being touched, and the reader is taken far away. You truly sense the huge amount of knowledge, which is being channalised in these publications. There are many pearls.

As a scientist It is always difficult to read spiritual publications, because in lack of words to cover the spiritual concepts often are used scientific words, which have a very specific meaning for a scientist. This in regard to e.g. the word “energy”, which in physics means: “The ability to execute work”, while is spiritually has a very broad and often ambiguous meaning.

Electromagnetic Thoughts

In this book there is also used a number of words from the scientific dictionary!! For example the word: “Electromagnetic” which is used to describe various spiritual concepts such as forms of thoughts and aura streams. Hence are you educated within science and read this book, you have to maintain an open mind towards the content and not be caught by the use of words from physics, because the right words to cover the different spiritual concepts simply is not available in our language.

The human being is a remarkable creature, and in both book there is a focus upon telling about the structure of the soul and spirit of the human being. In our present scientific picture of the world it is only accepted what is possible to measure and weigh, and because measuring instruments are produced by physical fabrics, the view of the human being is being reduced with regards to a pure physical material body. The concepts soul and spirit are thus not making any sense in such a picture of the world, and the concepts such as love, art, music, emotions and consciousness are not possible to be understood or explained.

Soul and Spirit
Knowledge about the soul and the spirit are hence not possible to get using common measuring instruments, but only through an inner experience by the single person. Therefore channalising publications such as these books are so important bringing us further in the understanding of the inner construction and structure of the human being.

Only by comparing many of these publications from different authors it is possible to temporary build a more modern picture of the world, where the human being is able to find its true place in the great connexion. By reading and comparing these publications it is also important to train ones discrimination by in your heart and with an open mind to feel if what is said is felt reel.

Therefore it is a great pleasure welcoming the new series of books by Merete Gundersen wishing that all, who reads it, may be uplifted and becomes joy and benefit reading it.

Torben Skettrup, Ph. d and docent in physics by DTU – The technical university in Denmark. Torben Skettrup is the author to the book-
The light and the human being

It is a hope that the book series, The Spiritual Human Being 1-4 by Merete Gundersen, soon will be translated into English




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