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Bose-Einstein Condensate
- Painting by Mette Hansgaard


An introduction to Merete Gundersen’s
books ,  on ’Spiritual Man’, IV

Development of Consciousness

The metaphysical world picture with its base for expanding our concept and recognition appears as an underestimated factor in modern science. This is often due to the fact that only very little information and knowledge are widely disseminated concerning metaphysical subjects at a higher level than the connection with e.g. crystal therapy, meditation, visualizing, and mental strength.
Therefore, we very much welcome Merete Gundersen’s books on “Spiritual Man”. In the present volume IV the author takes a further step and comprises major complex coherences of the human evolution.

This will contribute to open for more realistic observation on which way metaphysical research will be of the special importance to future science.

Bose-Einstein Condensates
When nuclear particles are “condensing” in a special way and reach a basic state of activity, modern science calls them Bose-Einstein Condensates. They are able to be in two places at the same time. This is basic knowledge and scientifically proved. Likewise it is suggested that human consciousness is, and is able to be, in two places at one and the same time, i.e. that as human beings we can develop our SIQ at a neutron level and in this way our consciousness can be in two maybe many places at one and the same time.

The books deal with the spiritual and mental development for instance at a nuclear level - also including the brain with its considerable potential for development - expanded in the spiritual dimension. And each volume of the book-series describes from new angles the “SIQ - the Spiritual Intelligence”, the new thinking idea.

In particular I should like to draw the attention to “Intelligence and Evolution”, an article on a high metaphysical level. I am absolutely carried away by it. That “… everything sent out from the brain remain …”, i.e. sustained, by own strength, as a kind of electromagnetic field in space - eternally if not dissolved by somebody. This entire effect may indicate being reflecting karma.

This claims a huge responsibility to everybody. And the informative technical data of the texts, e.g. regarding depressions and other things, are incredibly valuable - bound to create a sensation and interest all over the world.

Merete Gundersen's book-series presents advanced knowledge at a most high level - a knowledge very much in demand concerning explanation of these so essential but often misunderstood concepts.


        Ove von Spaeth, Writer, Researcher


This book by Merete Gundersen: ”Spiritual Man”, Vol. IV, is being conveyed to the readers with a brilliant, special expansion - en extra
step to insight. Like in the other books of her series it concerns a visionary knowledge connecting the advanced field of the psycho-spiritual.

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