Atomic processes of consciousness

By Merete Gundersen


Light intelligence of consciousness

The human consciousness which comes from creation of consciousness and intelligence in the sub atomic light spectra of the cosmic primeval sea is a form of consciousness which is active-being and being as a part of all existence all over cosmos.

When this form of consciousness - which exists through particle light - chooses or makes some choices for its own cyclic life, it wanders through the primeval soup and the atomic spectra of light to fulfil the capabilities and talent germs which is built in the innate intelligence of the consciousness.
The consciousness can continue to develop through spectra of light, which means that the consciousness can act thanks to the light. The spectra of light are numerous and contain all light spectra known today - of which we know that they have some specific characteristics. Which light spectra the individual consciousness chooses to draw on in a given cycle, is something the individual consciousness chooses by itself.

When a consciousness chooses, for example, to be attached to the cycle of the earth, it chooses to incarnate and live under the light of the earth and the inflow and outflow of earth light and the atmosphere of the earth.
To be able to incarnate on this planet the consciousness must be in possession of some very specific talent germs. These talent germs has been acquired by the consciousness through a very long spiral cycle during the life in the cosmic primeval sea, through the crystal kingdom, through the diamond kingdom, and through all various elements existing in and on the various planets in space.

Development of the earth
The earth has its own development cycle as an existence in the cosmic primeval sea. If man did not live on earth it would be a beautiful green and blue planet which lived its entirely own life from birth to death: In exactly the same way as a man live from birth to what we call death, which is, however, not an actual death, but merely a transition from one phase of life to another. As it is for man life-cycle so it is for the earth and, in this line, also for all stars, comets, planets, moons and suns. If no man lived here there would be no consciousnesses influencing the development of the earth. Then it would here only be the cosmic atomic processes, which determined the development in harmony with the plants, minerals, and other elements, which the earth naturally consists of - and these forms of elements have a natural construction which, among other elements, depends on climatic conditions.

But as the earth is populated by consciousnesses who act on this earth, whether animal or man, and as these creatures all have a form for larger or smaller capability to use and control their consciousness through the capacity of their brain, it is very much these consciousnesses who are decisive for creation of new thoughts - and thus being form setting for new processes for life.
All life on earth has been created by atomic processes in which also the structure of consciousness is a part. And therefore the consciousnesses which have chosen to live their life on earth, by this process develop and contribute to create and construct what brings so much as possible of development.


Birth of consciousnesses
Why do consciousnesses choose to be born on exactly the earth. By being born here they can get close to the creative force, which they possess when they were born as consciousnesses from the germ of primeval element.  In the particle element of the black holes the germ to birth of consciousnesses lies, which through spectra of light alone becomes consciousnesses of various resonance and observance. Some of the primeval element is created as tiny particles, which are clung together and grow in a quiet and tranquil cycle, where they are enlivened by light, sound, warmth, and cold to start a development - perhaps as stars in order to develop later into globes, to suns, or entirely different constellations.

The intelligence to create living beings who can act through brain structures or other more complicated high technology structures existing on creatures of the space, the difference between them and the human creation comes alone from the difference between how a given light spectra can contain all spectra of light at the same time, and which can gather all light particles in one and same form of consciousness, who again can respond on one of the main factors in creation of the optimum usable consciousness, namely sound.

Consciousnesses with thinking creating innate intelligence have been born through the calling of sound. Sound is a unifying source for the numerous spectra light which all the time moves in the primeval element. When light is able to respond on sound, processes in the light take place, which can be measured and calculated mathematically, arithmetically, so that you can measure the light spectra of consciousness, which can respond to the human brain.
The operative moment in the brain is alone the capability of the brain to respond to the light of the consciousness.

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