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Construction Stones of the Universe
All the wisdom of the very universe is lying in the structure of the pyramid. The entire universe is built up by inflow and outflow of light. These inflows and outflows are built up around the structure of the pyramid.

This shining trigon is the construction stone of the entire universe. It consists of a multi-faceted light so multitudinous that so far it has not been decoded.

Looking at the lattice structure of the level of consciousness flowing through the universe in all living beings and bearings of the universal manifold it will be possible to compute all wisdom as being built up by the structure of the pyramid – i.e. the golden triangle or the shining trigon.

The shining structure of the pyramid can be computed mathematically/arithmetically, and all wisdom is included in this structure. In its most simple form the wisdom creates a triangle from which the wisdom is built up further to the six-pointed star and even further to the nine-pointed and the twelve-pointed star. The number of points of the divine wisdom is not accessible so far. The divine wisdom is the wisdom in which we can read the entire evolution of mankind on Planet Earth, and this is the highest wisdom of this planet.


 Crystal-Geometric Light Lattice of Pyramids


Speaking of the divine innate wisdom of the mathematic/arithmetic triangle, which relates to the spiritual world via energy of the pyramid, and which is part of the twelve or multi-pointed star, and speaking of the divine, mathematic/arithmetic wisdom corresponding to the evolution on earth via energy of the pyramid, all we know is related to our solar system.

These shining pyramid structures can be traced back to the genesis of times and can be lead on up till present times and further on till the future. The wisdom of the future pyramid structure is not yet known to mankind on earth. When this planet develops into a finer crystalline structure the earth will rotate faster, and we shall have a new insertion in the huge universal proto-ocean. This will create new knowledge, but this is also connected to the entire intelligence of the pyramid structure.

The intelligence of the interior of the globe is not yet known, and the interior of earth does not only hold a crystal. This is a case of the entire inner crystalline structure of the globe, and that is the subject to be mapped out in order to open up for the deepest secrets of the pyramids in past, present, and future in order to understand the divine picture of the world.

In the crystalline, divine inner light structure, which is bearing and being everywhere in cosmos, as well as in the inner fire ball of earth, is the knowledge of this new time in fulfilment of finding the complete wisdom of the secrets of the Cheops Pyramid. The secrets of the Cheops Pyramid are related to cosmos, and when we can read the shining lattice structures of the universe and convert these structures to formulae, we shall as mankind learn to understand how we are developing on earth.

So let everybody working with alternative research be courageous and make contact to established researchers, so that we can all have these exciting wisdoms mapped out.   


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