Spiritual experiences
in the pyramid on Mors

By Merete Gundersen



When you pass through the beautiful avenue to the pyramid on Mors you can at once feel the exceptional energy field, you have come to. When you stop at the house and look in the direction of the pyramid, you immediately get attracted to the meeting with the fine copper pyramid, in which top a most beautiful Lotus is appearing.

You will always be taken to the pyramid by Aage or Elly, who own the place. When you are at the entrance you stop in front of the door for a moment. Here its a good idea to say your own little prayer to the divine.

When the door is being opened, you step inside and at once you sense a quiet trembling in your whole body. In the middle of the room is the couch, on which you lay down. Over your head you see a big crystal hanging. The door is being closed. And you are now alone, and you will receive all the assistance you need in your life for the moment. First the body is beginning to find its own balance. If we are sick or out of balance, the body will now start to seek for a higher order.

The power and the light led from the universe through the lotus and the satellite dishes of the pyramid will now provide the poles of the human body to find its balance. Our own electromagnetic field responds to the light, which the satellite dishes lead into the pyramid. In that way the cells of the body seek for higher order. Somebody are able to sense the electric 'system of transmitting', that runs through the human body, quiet, peacefully, gently and loving is getting activated as a slight murmur.

First one of the poles is getting balanced, and then the other. Seen with astrological eyes one may say, we now are completely in harmony with the universe and the cosmic constellations under which we are born. If we fully relax, we can be open to all the planets and the constellations of the stars, that affect our lives.

If we are very sick the best help we can receive through the pyramid will consist in the fact, that the molecule structure in the atoms of your blood will 7)find its order, and the blood crystals are getting so pure, that they will be able to heal the sick part quiet and peacefully. Therefore it is not sure, that everyone receive fully clear information from their spiritual guides. Cause in that case the disease is what is mostly brought into focus. But we will all be affected from the pure fine energy of love, that is here. And you will feel it as something exalted, loving and very caring in your life.



When the balance is achieved , you will be able to receive information from the spiritual world. You may meet your spiritual guides, devas, angels, Mary, Jesus or others. But anyone we meet in here will be highly developed souls from the spiritual world. They will now guide you to the next steps in your life. If you suffer from a disease, you will be told what to do in order to feel better. And if your problem is mental or spiritual, you will get an answer to that.

Have you been in the pyramid several times and received the loving white light, your body can now pick up more and more energy. Cause the light has, from time to time, a constant effect upon the aura, and so on all the cells in the entire body, even if your illness does not go away at once.

Some will be able to get information about their mission in life. Also in that case you will be guided in the most beautiful and loving way. For some people the greater experiences will happen some days after the visit.

If you cannot see your assistants or sense the presence of them inside the pyramid, it is a good idea to bring your own questions. You will, for sure, get an answer to them by visiting the pyramid.

The beautiful and pure divine and clear light, that flows into the pyramid is healthy and good for anybody to experience. And nowhere else in Denmark there is such a great field of energy full of light. Nowhere else you will find the work with energy of light like in this pyramid.

We can all hope for, that some scientists would like to study the knowledge, Aage Vester holds. And hope, that a bigger human progress in health and spiritual growth for the mankind will take place through such a co-operation. This beautiful light energy is realised by Aage for all of us who wish to receive it.

I wish you all a very nice trip to the pyramid on Mors, where the soul is growing and the heart is melting.

Mors is a little Island in the Northern part of Denmark.

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