Merete Gundersen

Merete Gundersen
Holistic psychotherapist, author of ”Heart Energy” and manager of Livskilden® (Source of Life), Institute of Spiritual Growth and Science.

Throughout the past twelve years, Merete Gundersen has worked as a holistic psychotherapist. Her working methods are a combination of spiritual awareness and her gifts for psychological and spiritual insight.

By means of conversation, healing, visualisation and meditation, she helps people get rid of old and unproductive behaviour patterns and through insight, they reconnect with their true and inner self, ultimately reaching a high level of fulfilment, happiness and courage to face life.

She delivers lectures and teaches at workshops continuously both at Livskilden and round and about in Denmark and Spain.

She is the founder of Livskilden® (Source of Life), Institute of Spiritual Growth and Science as well as the daily manager of the Institute: The goal of Livskilden is not only to promote holistic thinking in the Danish society but also to promote research into the human, spiritual structure of awareness. This is done through numerous gatherings and meetings at the Institute.

Throughout many years, Merete Gundersen has had her own radio show: The Spiritual Magazine. She invites speakers to the studio. People can call in and ask questions as well as get answers about various difficulties of life.

She participates in panel discussions and at seminars, treating matters such as "An alternative cure to cancer" and "Alternative approaches to mental illnesses" as well as other subjects.

She participated at a debate forum entitled: Are sprits a miracle?

She writes on several websites in Denmark.

Merete Gundersen is a member of several societies:

1. The National Society for Natural Health - an umbrella organization for therapist organizations, patient organizations and the alternative health sector in general

2. Co-founder of the Spiritual Network for the mentally ill - Livsgnisten

3. Board member of the Danish Edgar Cayce Society

4. Board member of Vision and Society

5. Founder and Manager of Livskilden®, Institute for  Spiritual Growth & Science


Merete Teaching at the Institute

She is the author of "Heart Energy" first published in the year 2000. The second edition was published in June of 2003. The book has been translated into English and was published in the United States in June 2003 under the title of: "Heart Energy". The book is being translated into Spanish. She is currently working on another book.

In 2003 and 2004, Merete will continue to teach at workshops and deliver lectures as well as write both articles and books. She will also continue to participate in panel discussions and take an active part in seminars. She has just recently made her first appearance on television.


A list of some of Merete's upcoming activities

– Teaching, lectures and workshops

Heart Energy – finding joy in life and a higher level of joy
Happiness, Harmony and Goal Setting
The Birth of the Spiritual Human Being
The Luminous Spiritual Civilisations
Visualisation and Meditation - the Road to Happiness and Joy in Life
The Cosmic Human Being
The Wisdom of Light
Mentally ill or spiritually developed


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