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I have worked over a number of years with alternative treatments. This has given me a solid experience in guidance and teaching within the field of spiritual and personal development.

The essence of my work is in educating, teaching and exchanging spiritual and cultural development within all social groups. I work within the framework of Livskilden® (Source of Life) - Institute of Spiritual Growth and Science, which I started in the year 2000.
In the years prior to the founding of the Institute, I worked with Holistic Psychotherapy, offering guidance to people who needed and wanted inspiration to move on with their lives. 

Some of the more important professional qualifications that I have obtained through my previous work are:

Personal spiritual guidance and education

In the past ten years, I have worked in the field of self-development and personal growth. Under my guidance I have been able to help people come in contact with their deepest layers of consciousness. By means of conversation, healing, visualisation and meditation they can get rid of old and unproductive behaviour patterns and thus through insight, reconnect with their true and inner self.

Founder and daily manager of Livskilden® (Source of Life)

Livskilden is an institute for spiritual growth and science where I both teach and head workshops on Personal Growth. The institute does not distinguish between professional, political, financial or religious groups. Taking a Holistic approach, we aim to enlighten and inspire each person individually as well as large social groups to think and act according to a more wholesome vision of life. At Livskilden we also arrange meetings and gatherings to make the worlds of alternative therapies and established therapies work together in the fields of Science, Health, School and Art. This and my other work enables me to have quite a broad contact surface to the worlds of established and alternative therapies – thus giving me an insight into both worlds that I can use in my daily work.

Author of:

Heart Energy, published in the USA, First edition 2003

She is also the author of seven danish books about spirituallity reed Here

Articles for the following periodicals: Nordens Stjerne and Lys-Strejfet, Naturhelse.

Writer on:

Lectures and running of Workshops

I deliver lectures all over Denmark on Health and Spirituality. I have led and taught at workshops in Personal Growth throughout Denmark and at Livskilden. I have also helped arrange a series of lectures.

Participation at conventions

I have both participated in and given lectures at conventions throughout Denmark.

Participation in seminars and debates

I have participated in seminars and debates on holistic thinking and psychiatry in numerous cities in Denmark.

Radio work
I have done volunteer work at Radio Gladsaxe. I made radio programmes of thirty minutes duration on the subject of Health and Spirituality once a week featuring different therapists. At the present time I work at Radio Lotus as a volunteer on the radio programme, The Spiritual Magazine. The programme lasts two hours during which time I interview people about their lives and activities. All the guests on the show work in the field of holistic science. Every other week I answer questions in a two-hour-show called: Ring og få et svar (Call and we’ll answer your questions).

Work in committees

Member of the executive committee LNS in 2002
LNS - short for The National Association of Natural Health Committee - is the political mouthpiece for the alternative health sector in the promotion of complementary treatments.

Co-founder of the Holistic Network for the mentally ill in 1998.

Board member of The Edgar Cayce Society, Denmark  in 1999

Board member of Vision og Samfund (Vision and Society) in 1999

Education, Courses & Lectures

A degree in commerce with one foreign language from Odense Business College (4 years)
Retail shop assistent
Clerk (in the clothing industry)
Running a business for 15 years with my husband (the environment sector)
Course in Esoteric Psychotherapy, 1 year.
Shiatsu massage course, Stjernen in Søborg
Course in Channelling Energy, Stjernen in Søborg.
Course in visualisation, Spain and Denmark
Founder of Livskilden

Personal info

Born on 19 October 1945 in Odense, I am now married and have three adult children.
From 1979 to 1995, I lived in Spain.

Interests and Hobbies:
Family and friends, books and newspapers, television, theatre, music, concerts, exhibitions and museums, I paint on canvas as well as meditate. Work and leisure seem to unite due to the fact that I am very enthusiastic about my work. 

Further information
At the present time, I work alongside other people eager to introduce new holistic thinking and teaching principles to the Danish municipal primary and lower-secondary school in my work at Livskilden. With this innovative teaching module, children learn about physical and psychical well being as a part of their daily education, which will benefit not only the children but also their teachers, parents and in its turn society as a whole.

I also take an active part in establishing the first Cross-Disciplinary Holistic Research Centre in Denmark whose main objective is to document the significance and the effect of alternative curative methods. Our goal is to build a bridge between the established and the alternative curative system. This work is done in the framework of Livskilden together with numerous other organisations that have the same interests at heart as Livskilden.

I have just recently helped arrange a seminar at Christiansborg ,which houses the Danish  Parliament followed up by a debate. The seminar was entitled: ”The Understanding of Health: Building Bridges and New Thinking”.


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