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Heart Energy


The inner deity
By Joy Persson, translator
Participant in the group translating the literature by Alice A. Bailey.

Review- Heart Energy, by Merete Gundersen

Nowadays there is an issue about opening the heart, about heart energy, the temple of the heart, and we are being encouraged to open our hearts and hereby get a better contact – even connect permanently – with our inner deity and become the lightning lowing souls, which we all in reality truly are in one’s heart!
It sounds easy and it maybe for some people, but for the rest of us the door to the temple seems to be hard to open. How do you do it? In this fine little book Merete Gundersen gives many suggestions and instructions to, how you can work with your consciousness, with the power of the mind, and with visualization. With your consciousness, the power of the mind and with visualization you can change your attitudes and reactions, and in this way actively open the energy to the hearts centre.

The heart centre is the fourth charkra, the one in the middle, which attracts and transforms; it is the souls focus in the personality. The soul or the “real” energy of the human seeks through the heart centre access in our more or less hardened personality structure. You may say that our heart centres with its twelve “leaves” not fully have unfolded; it is something we constantly are working on – or the development seeks for it.

Cosmic emotional intelligence

We know from Martinus  that it is all about getting balance between head and heart, intellect and emotion. But the most of us “cosmic people” may be a little bit slow about it when it comes to that, because we may be more focused about the head than the heart. But we have to remember that it is the intellectual emotion that caries us forward to the cosmic consciousness; meaning a higher and purer emotional energy than the personal emotional, and that is exactly the hearts energy. You may call it the cosmic emotional intelligence. And it is this fusion between the intellect and the emotional energy, which Merete Gundersen talks about in her book, and helping us to open. It means an open channel for the divine world, a deep essential experience.

More and more people are experiencing this. They see the light literally, because the light now is close. Light wave by light wave are coming to the Earth now, cosmic flash is becoming a daily matter around the world, and angels become visible to more and more people, celestial music are heard by some whose heart is open and responsively to the power of the divine, which is now close to Earth.

Merete Gundersen is a clairvoyant healer and her book is easy to read even though the visualization exercises may demand a little work. But it is worth it. As Martinus says, we have to learn visualization for what it is; we shall use it someday to materialize and dematerialize our bodies in and out of incarnation. Therefore it is both a fine and practical little book – and also psychological full of insight. Strongly recommended.

Published in the magazine: The New World impuls no. 1 February 2001 page 42.

Heart Energy, by Merete Gundersen –  64 pages ISN 87-91003-00-8. –




The Consciousness of the heart


By Jørn Martin Steenhold

Futurologist, executive chief of research and development



This is a little book, which guides how any person becomes both attentive and independently able to practice the energy of the heart.

The book tells that when the hearts energy blooms in a person, the wisdom will enter in that person and hereby revealed on Earth.

According to the author the person and the wisdom melts together whereby the heavens cosmic wisdom becomes the earths by virtue of the will of the person to seek out the “certainty” and wisdom.


When I get a new book, I always open the book on a casual page and read that page. In this case it became page 51, where I read about wisdom:


Quotation: In most peoples consciousness a wise person is the same as one, who has read a lot, well educated and has studied at the University. Such a person I will name a very knowledgeable person, and it is not at all the same as being wise. Being wise is to live from the conditions you have, and to have an understanding of the Heaven and the Earth and the Creation. A certain person knows that it is something beyond his or hers consciousness, some forces, you can use, and from these forces you can use the highest wisdom. End of quotation.


Having read this I automatically thought about a conversation I had with a group of pupils from the 8.class. Together we worked on a project about the school in the future and discussed school subjects in the future.

These subjects were no longer called Danish, Geography, Mathematics, etc., but the pupils suggested instead new different and exciting subjects such as “Find yourself”, “Find knowledge you can use to something”, “Think backward”, “What is the meaning”, “Solve the problem” – besides a very important subject, which they called “The good human being”.


The arguments for this subject were simply that good people now and in the future are needed, preferably as many as possible, because the world needs to be better. The world will only be a better place if we start discussing what it means to be a good person – because what are the premises to create good people?

As the young people said: We will always be able to find knowledge on the Internet when we need it. Wisdom and “the good” is something different, because we are only able to find it by looking at ourselves – and watch examples of good people.


Wisdom is revealed on Earth through people with the hearts energy, people who have a big, warm heart and a heartfelt personality – says the author on the cover of the book. It is directly the message of the book that people can help one another to develop this – if we will!

It is succeeded the author with the books few pages to tell, show and very convincingly to open the doors for the hearts energy – and together with this she offers her help and guidance. The means are prayer, meditation and visualization.


In the first half of the book the author tells about her own understanding of the basis knowledge and effective methods, which can be used. These pages are a helping and sensible introduction in the universe, which the spiritual and seeking human being are engaged with.

The other half of the book tells about the “heartleaves”, which the single person should “open” to receive a greater wisdom. These pages tell truly about wisdom that both are superhuman and inscrutable but still present in all its simplicity.


This part of the book is very interesting, because it both in a theological and philosophical matter brakes with the existential understanding in our time about the human egocentric administration of its own ego to become “a sincere human being”.

Instead the author shows us a new human being with a dynamic ego – a person who is universal with unlimited possibilities together with the fact that the person is deeply rooted in cosmic nowhere and smallness.


But where are the faith and the hope?

In the wisdom of love – placed under some kind of consciousness – because only the wisdom of love is able to (as it is written in the conclusion of the book) enabling the human being to gain greater inner peace, thus the human being will come in close contact to its inner divine core.


The human being will meet its surroundings with this inner silence and peace, and the human being will feel how its beautiful new vibrations shine towards everything that it meets on its way. Love and the contact with the human beings inner divine core will become visible in the persons aura because of the way the ray of light becomes sophisticated.


By reading this little book I am sure that the author herself is a very wise person!

The book must be written with equal life blood and the energy of the heart, because the instructions, suggestions, recommendations and actions in the pursuit to open the heartleaves of a seeking person is told so simple and crystal clear that the wisdom warmly and lightening shine the energy of the hearts.


Published in the


Heart Energy, by Merete Gundersen –  64 pages ISN 87-91003-00-8. –



ormth and Wisdom
by Anette Bitten Christensen,Healer og DNA practitioner

This little book is a true pearl as a tool to open our hearts.
 It is easily understood and gives us meditation and visualization exercises which can be used by all – both beginners and experienced readers – to open and cleanse our hearts.

We can work with these exercises both alone and in a group.

The opening and development of the heart contributes to the creation of the new age. A time of love,  peace and happiness.


If we want to take an active part in the new age we all need to work with heart energy.


When I read this book my heart began to sing from enthusiasm and I felt that I would like to pass this beautiful message of this book on to other people by teaching groups.


To my great delight I am starting with heart groups this autumn.


I warmly recommend this book, which is worth its weight in gold to all who wants to open and develop the qualities of the heart.


With love

Anette Bitten Christensen


Heart Energy, by Merete Gundersen –  64 pages ISN 87-91003-00-8. –


Worth trying 


During meditation you look at what the good means to you. You look at which good qualities you want to ”shine upon” other persons and now you start to let the qualities become part of you daily meditation so that you get the sub-consciousness to work for you in a positive way.


Merete Gundersen who started the institute Livskilden has written this little useful book about how we all can find one’s way to the heart energy by opening what she calls the 12 heart petals. ”When all 12 petals have been opened and we have gained cosmic consciousness, we have become 4-dimensional human beings. This means that we are able to work with all 4 dimensions at the same time.


The 4 dimensions are: The physical, the spiritual, the death and the sleep dimension. When in our daily, conscious and awake state we become capable of drawing knowledge from all these dimensions it is not hard to understand, that we also have knowledge and information about everything that is and lives in each human being”, writes Merete Gundersen and continues: ”This will mean that it is no longer necessary to go to a clairvoyant. Because these capabilities are now open to all. At this stage we have learnt to work with the energy of the new age.”


Sounds interesting so here you have a fine, little working book. It is worth trying.



                 Published in the magazine: Life and soul- 2001


Heart Energy, by Merete Gundersen –  64 pages ISN 87-91003-00-8. –



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