A Spiritual Journey Began Back in 1995

By Merete Gundersen

Merete Gundersen Visiting Center Celestial, Denmark

Holistic Society

In 1995 I joined a small society situated close to where I live. It was called The Holistic Society of Alleroed. On a Sunday that same year the society had arranged a fair in the town of Alleroed, and I decided to pay it a visit. As most of its kind, the fair mainly consisted of stands presenting all sorts of things for buying or selling, but it also offered various information on massage, clairvoyance, and other interesting subjects. Health was very much into the picture, too, and that tickled my interest more than anything else. I spoke to quite a lot of different people, and all in all, I found the whole thing very exciting.


The Latin Woman

Pretty girls

When I left the fair in the afternoon, I sat for a while in my car in the car park pondering. While I sat there, two young and rather pretty girls, who had visited the fair, too, came by. They looked exotic, dark and beautiful. Passing by, suddenly one of them stepped up to my car. I turned the car window down, but felt very uneasy doing so. The girl started talking to me in English. She said that she had just received a message “from above” meant for me: “They say” that you have so much to offer and that you are meant to share it with other people. You used to be a nun in your former life – I hope you understand what I mean. Well, I didn’t really, so she tried again: You are a very resourceful human being and you have to share that with other people, for instance people in a nursing home or something similar.

I just sad there gaping and didn’t know how to react. I was a bit scared, too, but before I could say anything, she had left again. I didn’t have the sense to ask any questions. I just felt numbed. Later in life I got acquainted with the young woman and her girlfriend, who both turned out to be from South America, but that is quite a different and rather sweet story. After this incident I went home, but I remained confused for a while. I realized that I could not just ignore it.


Aura for lowers

Aura Photo

Another year passed, and the fair took place again in the same place. Off I went again and as last time, too, I was excited and curious. However, this time I wanted to concentrate on something more alternative. I tried out massage, but a different and special kind of massage called Craniosacral therapy. It made me feel as if the entire electrical network in my brain was activated. I could just feel the energy filling my brain and spreading into my body.

I had a photo of my aura taken. An aura is the electromagnetic field surrounding an object. Some people refer to this field as a bio-energy field. In truth this energy field not only goes around you, but moves within your body as well. It is not just the outside of your body that is made of electromagnetic energies, every part of you and everything your experience in third dimension.

Some people can psychically look at the subject and see images within the person's aura. These images may include symbols, people, or even another aspect of the person's soul that is coming through in their third dimensional aura from another realm. Auras can be seen physically, or sensed psychically, or both and one day all people will be able to see aura, it is alone a question of evolutionary development of the human brain. Sometimes an angel will be shoved for your sight to guide you to help in a special case.

It is possible to have a photo taken of that electromagnetic field, which every human being has around the body. By means of such a photo skilled aura readers can interpret what happens in ones life, right now. Well, they took a picture of my aura, and they explained the readings to me, but I did not understand much of it. I just gathered that I was surrounded by a certain amount of spirituality. However, it did inspire me to dig deeper into this particular field.

This chapter is from my book: My spiritual Diary, soon coming in English

The whole book is about a part of my spiritual journey, from 1995 until year 2000. The book is written just to tell the readers that the same experience could happen to you, if you want to open your third eye, and through that, experience your own spirituality. If you try, your soul will blossom, your heart will be full of love, and you will expand as a human being. The every day live will bring a lot of love, fun, and a good health.

Anjou the journey. 

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