Regression through colour streams

By Merete Gundersen
Copyright© 2005

Visit the spiritual kinkdom

You can follow your journey back or forth in time through the cosmic colour streams of light. But take-off has to come from a feeling in the physical body or from a wish for growth of the soul to visit the spiritual kingdoms to contribute to the growth of the soul.


If you imagine an incarnation on e.g. Sirius, you must imagine that the light which Sirius emits through the atmosphere can be caught by the human brain.  And then have a sudden influence on the brain. The light from the sun will also have big influence on the brain.

If a man has been incarnated on the planet Sirius, this man has Sirius light built into his aura and it  will never disappear. It will be there forever. This is also the case with all our other incarnations. For each planet, sun, moon and star that we have incarnated on we all have received light from their light intensity. This light is in our aura in the form of an eternal structure and relates to our DNA – viz. right down on cell plane.

Information through the light

Through this light, our brains will be able to catch light from the light universe from which they have to get the information to be used for regressions.
When you lie with closed eyes the consciousness chooses a colour which it will follow. You will now see the colour for your inner sight and perhaps the colours will fade out into a spectrum which is not known to the consciousness of everyday life – viz. other and perhaps more radiant and transparent colours

When the colour has been found the consciousness and thus the brain will quickly catch the frequency which the colour contains or in other words, the consciousness starts to vibrate in relation to the light which has been emitted from a certain point in the universe, e.g. from a previous incarnation on Earth or on a entirely different planet which may be Sirius.



Now the consciousness quietly and easily slips back to a certain incarnation which has been stored in the cosmic memory at the atomic level. The consciousness which is now living on planet Earth can now catch this previous incarnation and use it to release some inappropriate relations.

Your might also imagine that the consciousness chooses a colour grey or greyish colour.

Colour – higher spiritual sphere
WHITE – GOLD – SILVER - COPPER – WHITE – YELLOW -  Lilla - Indigo – All pink shades – blue – green – but also a very bright red – these will belong to all the higher worlds, to Paradise to Sirius or perhaps to far more distant planets.

Colour – for lower spiritual sphere
Black – brown – grey – orange – bordeaux and then all ground colours which has a mixture of black or brown – these will belong to previous lives on Earth and all other heavy planets.


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