Development of biochemical light in the chakras

By Merete Gundersen

Chakra Development

Human spiritual development on the physical level happens through consciousness, the physical body, the chakras, and inflowing light from the cosmos. Light inflow and force of thought are what influence the consciousness.

The chakra development happens from the biochemical substance present in the physical body opposite each chakra. Here, food plays a very important role. In order to bringing the spirals or the spiral energy to flow freely, it is very important to eat food of a very high quality which is rich of light bearing vitamins and minerals. The reason for this is, that without the addition of these very important substances for the spiritual development, the human spiritual development will either stagnate or proceed in slow-motion.

When light bearing vitamins, tracers and minerals are added to the physical body, these substances will pass not only directly into the light spirals flowing through the energies of the physical body, but also into the spiral energies of the light bodies outside the human body. All glands lying behind the big spiral energies in the body become healthier through this supplement as the chakras are enlivened in the most optimum way.


The seven major human chakras

When the right minerals are sent from the inner body to the chakras, these substances will contribute to enliven the chakras in a highly suitable way so that a co-operation is formed with the light string from cosmos. When the diet is healthy and balanced so that the light inflow to the chakras is optimum, development will proceed faster for man.

The diet should preferably consist of many vegetables as these contain a vast number of light bearing minerals, tracers and vitamins. Animal food does not contain the same light bearing quantity of the said substances - that is why this sort of food contributes to giving the body a far too heavy substance.

Intelligence energy

Development of chakra energy must also happen through the consciousness, as the consciousness is an intelligence energy, which also consists of light bearing energy strings. And when man through consciousness draws on the sound light energy strings from the cosmos, a big energy exchange happens in the chakras. Sound psychical balance can also be traced in the light bodies. With a sound, happy and optimistic attitude to life and when the love flow of the human mind flows unhindered, it will be reflected in the glands opposite each chakra, where an interaction will quite clearly take place between the chakra and the glands lying behind and the light inflow from cosmos. When we are in balance here, we will have reached a very high level of love for humanity.


Name of chakras

Divine nature

When optimum flow through each individual chakra exists, and when the thoughts of the consciousness are divine - by means of which the light frequencies that the consciousness attracts from cosmos are of divine nature - the physical body becomes capable of sending the right light sensitive substances from inside to the individual chakra. Then the purest and most beautiful energy will flow from the cosmos to the human chakras, which then again raises the light outflow. This is how the human light bodies are developed. Therefore you will see, that according to which chakra each human being is working on to purify in this individual life, each individual has a different light outflow.

Two persons do not have the same light in their aura. Here you may say that it is also a question of a kind of light in each man, i.e. DNA. The development does not occur only in the physical body - and not on the psychical level alone either. Here, a co-operation must exist that is very important.

Before long, man will be able to measure the light frequency in the aura. Through this process new steps forward will be taken for healthiness, both on the physical and the psychical level.

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