Inspirations in the light of Ove von Spaeth’s authorship

By  Merete Gundersen


Many people of the modern world ask the question to
themselves why they should at all engage in something as
distant to them as the thought of reincarnation. Or as the thought of that human beings may have lived several or many previous
lives. And the thought, that perhaps they may also
experience many future lives.


To some people this thought may seem immense, frightening, and very peculiar, because to a broad extent they have probably already have had plentiful decisions to take a stand on concerning events, which have happened, or happen, in this life. The reader may ask, “What’s the use for me?”. One can imagine that, what gives the life a meaning, may be the teachings of reincarnation: The fact that human life on this planet may be meaningful in a much larger perspective of development than we usually imagine.


Throughout the wisdom’s eternal substances


Therefore, it is of extremely importance to do research on human consciousness - and to  describe it - much more than has been the case hitherto. Ove von Spaeth, a Danish Writer, has done research in exciting finds and discoveries, not least in the spiritual parts of ancient history. And in the veritable goldmine of knowledge that Ove von Spaeth has generated to us in his books and articles, a very basic knowledge can be seen, which may contribute to various future research on the teachings of reincarnation, together with research in consciousness. It is impossible to escape this knowledge - as Ove von Spaeth among other things is dealing with in his book, “The Secret Religion” (C.A. Reitzel  Publisher and Booksellar, Ltd., 2004), especially the chapter: “Religion’s Lost Dimension”.

Reincarnation is only to be attached to one out of many lines of his authorship. But especially valuable is Ove von Spaeth’s text about reincarnation, which presents an impartial survey not giving priority to any definite faith or religious conception. For instance, his texts seek to emphasize the important and meaningful role - often not recognised fully today - that these ancient ideas have had, and still have, behind our cultural history, religions, and ways of thinking.


The soul attached to life following life


Not least such contributions may help the future circulation of the teachings and the research on the conception of reincarnation. Because in these texts may be found the abundantly documented information, which are often missed in other works on reincarnation. In his books Ove von Spaeth presents also comprehensive literature references about kindred subjects - and his very discoveries are unique and are totally presented with a great spirit of research.

The individual may be able to extend the outlook of life to understand that being is not ending, when we stop breathing, but that life goes on - and that the human consciousness is an eternally valid structure, which will live on in the more subtle worlds as an eternal monad of light in the structure of the hole Universe.

It should make sense that the less good deeds we may do to others and to ourselves in a given circle of life, may provide us with a positive possibility for having them disappear from our mind by showing in a new incarnation, that in a similar situation in new incarnation we are able to act in a more positive or benevolent way in support of our existence - consequently, possibilities to make progress through equalizing settling it in another incarnation.

This may encompass being able to develop your own consciousness and your own understanding of soul. Therefore, reincarnating deals also with the soul’s “growth of experience” by the individual being - together with what such an extended consciousness can cause the human potential to develop to an even very beautiful degree.

Talking about extension of consciousness as a commencing and further development of insight, one of many roads to this may be reading about what was known in pre-historic times concerning these topics. This in order to focus on in what area we, at present, may do research to understand. For instance, here may be done research in, and if possible disclose what the human consciousness can get in contact with concerning former lives.

Within psychology much new knowledge are to be expected, together with major advances regarding imbalances of the human mind. And, here, everything for the purpose of bringing them to light and to dissolve them by working with the human mind’s admission to conditions and possible problems of previous lives.

In order to do future research in the human consciousness, and in order to create new thinking of psychology in its many aspects, it is a “must” that the teachings about lifetimes after this life - and the life prior to the life, should be included. The following “codes” are known from old sources, but not always recognised: - Withdrawal from the physical body: Earth to earth, dust to dust, to resurrection. - Withdrawal of the soul: Light to light, light to be, to resurrect from light. Does it sound too religious? However, the light is not limited by religion.

As far as research is concerned, Ove von Spaeth has passed the major test of apprenticeship long ago with his treatise on the ancient Egyptian star map, the oldest star map in the world - and in addition the master test with his five volume work about the historical Moses. A hallmark of quality also striking in his many articles - now to be published as e-books, too. All seeking persons can find answers in Ove von Spaeth’s texts. They inform about today’s women and men, the teacher, the vicar, and especially the researcher - here, everybody can find the most unique and subtle information. Such concentrated knowledge presented in such a way of clarity and wisdom is hard to find elsewhere.

Several of Ove von Spaeth’s books and articles also dealing with associated subjects may, thus, contribute to consolidate one of the steps towards a greater recognition of the ego, the self, the consciousness, and not least the divine, and also the faith - and now also the knowledge which at all times have saturated the backgrounds for the perception of history and the information from the lot of religions and cultures. But veritable gems of wisdom have been born with Ove von Spaeth’s texts - so read them, get insight, become worldly-wise and experienced - and have your perception extended concerning history, religion, and your self and YOUR life and the teachings of reincarnation. Happy discoveries!

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The eternal source of life flowing through all the many lives in their sequences.

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