Cosmic Clairvoyance
a Magnificent Gift

By Merete Gundersen and Ulla Runchel 


Various forms of Clairvoyance

By Merete Gundersen

To-day many people are working with clairvoyance, most of those employing these abilities when giving counsel, guiding others to obtain a greater view over their lives here and now or perhaps in the future. It is an important capacity and a great gift to dare make use of its full potentials. This form of clairvoyance ¹ is quite ordinary, and most people are able to develop this capacity. This more ordinary form of clairvoyance can be expressed in various ways as well as also being propagated differently. It being by means of clear-hearing, clear-feeling, or by canalizing.

Clairvoyance can become a matter of expression from many plans², and in many ways. In cosmic clairvoyance we are talking of quite another kind of abilities and talents, which are resuscitated in the clairvoyant person more than in the ordinary way of clairvoyance. Only a few persons have the capacity to make cosmic clairvoyance. It is people, who can expand their consciousness to contain the big sea of wisdom of the Absolute.

Cosmic clairvoyance forms part of canalization, but often where the canalized messengers are sent from spiritual creatures to the clairvoyant person as verbal
messengers or as canalized writings, then alone the cosmic clairvoyance is an expression of that the clairvoyant person expands his/her consciousness to receive knowledge from the core of the primal matter of consciousness. Also cosmic clairvoyance may be led back the birth of each individual person, to birth and creation of planets or solar systems and their enrichment of living spiritual creatures
, which have inhabited these planets in olden times.

When one turns the attention to a person who makes use of cosmic clairvoyance, not only can the person in question see the state of being on the physical plan of that person, but also the biological origin, as well as being able to get insight in the creation of everything on a superior plan. At the same time they can see into the enormous cosmic coherences.

People, who can read the innermost core of the matter, are people with a high developed SIQ®- spiritual Intelligence and possess the ability that through the brain structure and the inner spectrometric sight of the eye can expand the consciousness to come in contact with the past, present and future at one and the same time. This means that their time horizon is elastic, as the consciousness in the here and now forms part of the eternity, this, which we here on Earth and in physics call time, does not exist in the here and now.

These people are able to bend the time of space and therefore their consciousness
expands. The bending of the time of space is, when time is nonexistent and dimensions and planes bend together in one and the same here and now. In this bending the unification can be viewed until the smallest level of an atom.

Cosmic clairvoyance can be made over big distances and actually demands that this person, who makes use of the abilities, may use quite an amount of energy to be able to change into another state of being, and at the same time being attentive and alive in the here and now on Earth. It demands that the person can put aside impressions of the here and now and make them flow away and instead make something else become present. Not that it may feel to be difficult for the person, it only demands peacefulness from other activities. There is no question aboutany form of trance, nor any form of really meditative state. The question alone is consciously to move focus and make use of the capacity of the brain.

The cosmic clairvoyante person is fully able to flow into the creating forces of the light and here read the birth of the consciousness. Here she can read or decode the inherent intelligence of the light, and at all times read the spectra lines of the light³,  which can be read the same way as a bar code. This is done by the brain activity, as the person can activate the electrical thought impulses, which put the neurones in the brain into acceleration.  These electrical impulses emanate light, and this light decodes the primal matter of the consciousness. The clairvoyante has to have some marks of direction to “walk” as guiding, here the person also makes use of the spectra lines of the light.

All forms of clairvoyance are lying latently as a capacity in the structure of the brain, and it is only a question of it being activated. It can be activated by means of meditation and visualization. In some people it is active from birth and remains active through the entire life. It is a capacity that is encoded in our DNA profile.

How can the cosmic clairvoyance be useful?

When one reads through the cosmic clairvoyance that has been received from the clairvoyant, one can get an overriding view of the meaning with the incarnation, how to incarnate over and over again, and one can read, what the purpose of the incarnation is.
Every period of time needs this matter or those abilities that each single soul ought to propagate. That it the reason why the soul easily incarnates, one thousand years after the other propagating the same message, only in  new and expanding ways.

When you read a cosmic clairvoyance, you can always see a main thread going though the whole clairvoyance. The main thread also is the way for the present incarnation, and through reading of the clairvoyance one is able, in a much better way, to understand ones life and work. You can say that is throws light on the question: “Why, right now am I incarnated on this spot of the universe?”

When you read the below written cosmic clairvoyance, you will sense this, but you will also feel that sometimes there is a pause. Clearly you will see that at the same time the same line is followed and that the same spectra lines contain very unique knowledge, which can be read, but when the consciousness “doing” the clairvoyance chooses itself to slide along another spectra line, new knowledge appears.
That is to be understood in the following way. When a human soul is born, the light forms the very first spectra lines for the consciousness, and to the very bottom of this creation one can read The Absolute and from
here follow all incarnations and hereby read the wholeness.

Some people can follow the proper spectra lines, so that by means of the light they can go backwards to former lives. But, to be able to follow another’s spectra lines, demands an expanded form of brain capacity and a higher level of electrical brain capacity in between the neurones, and not so many people are able to do this, so far. However, there are more than you know of and many of them, who are able to do this, to-day, are looked upon as unbalanced psychotic human beings. In the future we will learn that many of these persons evolutionary speaking, have been far ahead of all others in the cycle of the human evolution.

Not much knowledge of this phenomenon exists, but it will be so sometime in the future. Right now first the science has to be used to that so it is so. We can only hope that in this field research will be done.
Always the cosmic clairvoyance is a gift as it always will give a bigger understanding of the wholeness particularly the question of incarnation for each single person.

Cosmic Clairvoyance gets to the person receiving it as: “a long breath”, spoken in another way, as a long sentence only with a few brief pauses. Later a whole passage or more in one.

At the bottom you will be able to read about my cosmic clairvoyance, such as I received it.

In a gentle way I have tried to put some punctures and commas to make it easier to read, but otherwise I have not made any corrections in the text. I feel it would be a sacrilege to do so.

Enjoy yourself, if you please, to read the beautiful cosmic clairvoyance I myself have received from Ulla Runchel, as described below in the texts below.

My life has became easier from the day that I resieved this clairvoyance.



Cosmic Clairvoyance donated to Merete Gundersen, written down by Ulla Runchel, author and research worker of the future.

Clairvoyance 25th of December, 2000 sent at about 12 o’clock

By Ulla Runchel

Temple of bird

Dear Merete.

In your first cycle in humanity on Earth you are a helper to bring about the ingoing cosmic light radiation and as well pass on preachings of  the cosmic learning in a renewed  version, from christening until the funeral on Earth. You are a link in the cosmic and universal pulse, as you are able to illuminate into the heart of a human being. The place where you move on the cosmic planes is “The Chambers of the Preaching Councils”, where the enormous cathedrals exist, you sit in a white  clothing of gold together with 314 other sisters and brothers, where you are seated in the middle  preaching the new “Gospel” learning for the new ones, who are to descend on Earth to inform.

Here you are teaching us the essence of the comprehension of the innermost core of the path of the initiation, in the light of the kingdom of the gods, you are on the golden path of the stars, forerunner of winds in the universe, you flow through the doors of the invisible universes into other universes, which are transformed into your light bodies and give you stigmas of the new divine wisdoms, which you will audit, 12 new preachings for humanity on Earth. You will be transformed into the god’s mother of the Queen Planets and send out light to all the dark planets (side 4) situated around in cosmos, you pollinate and carry their sufferings all the way to point zero of the Milky Way, flowing into the cracks meeting the other transparent universes and your yield will become pollinated and become the new planets, which will give birth to ……..

YOU ARE THE MOTHER IN THE FATHER, horizontal and vertically in a cosmic cross parted in three. You are not an earthly human being, but have into your cells received cosmic aluminium-titanium, so that the heaviness keeps you to the spfere of Earth fused with the Absolute, your activity is a great many, you will be a direct worship with Keops, with the tunnels and the seas of Sirius, with the palaces and cathedrals on Vegas, you have a network on the three solar planet systems, lying at the right of Vega, a force of wisdom you have to bring with you here on your journey on Earth.

On these three planets you have activity as a scientist with three faces, which in a cosmic way confirms the laws of the trinity, which you are a co-founder of, you will be outlined to a special order on the three planets, which will outline you to preach  the new testament of the twelve disciples, and here you will stay quite a lot according to the three winds, peace will be establish around you and your personality, on Earth you will be remembered as the Cosmic prophet, Mother of God, on big screens you will enter into the homes of everybody with your shining force, as that is the way you will be radiating every single human being on Earth.

Myrimaya is your name, when you are in your heavenly outings from us to Earth, you will be remembered with this name. One day in your home you will be baptised with this name in your centres around the world, which are being radiated from above to you from us, the 740, which is a group. With you, you have a heavenly flock of humans, who always follows you in your cosmic where about, you are the ONLY one on Earth, who has entrance to this clarificated faculty, here you stay at night, as  we pollinate you with the wisdom of the consciousness. You are Goddess in the light of worship for all eternity. Up here you set foot on the road of stars and you will make a program, which will be called “The Star parade”, to your TV program you will summon famous and wise people from all over the world, something that you always have made her among us, you are a co-creater of a net of pictures, which are shown in and on many planets around in the seven universes, here we can tune in on each other, you are sending from Casiopaia to Vega your own star program ……

You have the full access to the big transparent universes, off and on it is closed, or otherwise you would never return to Earth. Here you rule in many panels and cosmic fleets melted together with three persons from Earth, people you yourself know, and with whom you always will keep in touch, as in this way you all will be of help to each other through the knowledge you all have, you are unique in the belief of the faculty of wisdom. You have cosmic insights, which are so big that you see them in small portions, and so it is, as otherwise you would not proceed; as you have to accomplice to deal out to all these human beings you are in touch with. It is the road of initiation for the fellow man; you must not be dependent of their curricula. If you see it as a whole, you would be so bored and fly home to all your planets, you would stand on Earth and talk in octaves so fast that the humanity would not be able to follow you at all. You would pronounce sounds of  pssssst,  so rapidly are you able to express what you see, and therefore in small flashes, as it is your mission to propagate, it being in their pace on Earth.

Now for us the ring of the destiny is closed, your light is forever and now you can create the seven centres in Denmark with books, TV programs, radio programs and your own techniques, etc. This is what you have to do the following three years, and then follows the foreign countries and the rest of the world,  something quite new we will see happening here below.





Higher aspects

You are in close contact with Linda C. Black, you still need to contact more of your co-creators, who are to be found on the other side of the globe, which, for them as well, will happen at the same time, you have waited for each other. In the luminously faculty you are sitting beside Cosmya, who is your equal, together you are able to rise a light vibration, when from a clean heart you wish to lift manhood.

Your degree of vibration sounds in the ether and sprays light and love, when your frequency is at the same level, in this dimension both of you are being raised and brought into other worlds and tacitly both of you will be in need of this dimension to be able to continue in your development. Together on this planet both of you have a life together, both of you are incarnated at the same time to do the same kind of work, here the work consists of wisdom in development of the cell mass in the matter and the mass. Here you sit side by side and enjoy your solidarity, both of you can draw on this frequency when you speak to scientists and doctors, therapists, etc., here with the speed of a lightning you can nip off upwards and code in essence of what you are to explain to the humans on Earth you are facing with health and medical questions. Here you live with a big family in the phosphoresced mountains, where Cosmaya is you blood sister, on this planet during the next many centuries the earthlings will fetch the new form of technique, when your thoughts are up here you will be attracted to the colours light pink and light green, as these colours contain great knowledge, when you are out doing the job, in the future these phosphoresced colours will become a great tool.

As we are on Earth and have been shot up into another light vibration, from here one has to fetch the instreaming light for the new machines to heal human beings. Those apparatus of X-rays, which are used on Earth, will no more be able to be to lifted up into these vibrations, the metal it is made of, can no longer function, like all other kinds of iron, airplanes have been made, plus other forms of machineries; this is one of your lives.


Sunrise on far away planets

We will jump until Pegagus, here you have a number of intergalactic fleets, where in space you arrange intergalactic conferences. It is the pure mathematical and quantum physical ideology of the cosmic network you are part of together with someone from the circle, with whom you have a close collaboration. Not always are any of you agreeing in the way to help bring about the technology, but always, after many conferences, will you have reached an agreement, as from the white light you carry with you the humble part of you, you are an army commander and used to rule and organize with such a great power of penetration that it flashes and sparkles cosmic energy in those spheres, when you make speeches in the council of the ancestors.

You are used to make speeches in the universe and being part of many visits to the fleets, you will within quite a long time dream and be onboard the spaceships and physically be boarding and see your creating force, you are part of the Diamante fleet, which promotes energy for the big mother parabolas, and which have a ray down to the Pyramid of the Isle of Mors (Denmark), the owner, Aage, here is part of your fleet as a small scientist, who, with your permission, researches in the energy light structure of the planets to propagate the wisdom of the light strings as well as the technical formulation and mutation on Earth.

Your diamante radiation is solid and not impenetrable, as you in joint determination keep full order over the emanation of the wisdom to everybody here on Earth, often we see the fleet and I receive visits from your wisdom, as I will describe below, here you are strong in this position, therefore when here on Earth you work cosmicly, people cannot follow you and you feel everything moving in slow motion. The reason is that you accelerate so much in the cosmic sphere ………………   to be continued

Hug and kisses.



In this universe exists pure white light serum, here there are many incarnated in essence particles, here you have a body which is pure flowing energy with a high octave of pulse vibrations, in each human being, when you move about among us, you propagate this light serum into our bodies and silently it flows into the middle of our hearts activating our memory to reach out to the divine light of the universe. Here you flow about picking up new input, from the outer worlds, which nobody can see in the here and now moment, here you can fetch  essence to enrich the beginning of the seed, and again, silent prayer initiations and preaching. In this universe of liquid particles we are one big body, one big soul, which has been busted and picked up again and again, when this “body” is busted cosmic children particle souls are born, who has to be enriched in the universe of the divinity by means of the light string rays, which are indispensable in this network of the fusion of still a new soul energy ……………..   here the “LIGHT” is turned on in the small particles, which become everything and nothing, they go into an auto swinging process in circles from right to left, until they  are plaited together in a ring of energy.

This milky coloured mass substance you have built-in in your cells here on Earth, are the ones to keep you healthy, they will destroy everything what comes into your organs in form of destructive light, they start going into auto swinging movements, when you are exposed to that light yours cells cannot receive. I have seen no one on Earth, who has this kind of cell structure that is the reason why you are able to overcome and organize all that which you do now and far into the future without being tied. Your cells regenerate with such big speed, that you are as reborn every time you feel yourself outdone, then half a day will pass and you sprout once more, like a plant you can see blossoming. In these cells there is no form of human ions, these cells energies are of pure cosmic healing and are milky coloured, like that which Cleopatra bathed in, she also came from this universe and it reminded her of that place from which she had her origin. Your skin is like hers.

Now I will finish my journey, hug and kisses, Ulla.


The domicile of the soul at this moment.

Dear Merete,

We are now jumping to the blue white kingdoms, where one can be selected as to introduce wisdom to e planet in the universe, for you sit on “the row of kings” and are to be stationed at one of the differentiated planets, which belongs to the Pleaders, where you have been shown how to incalculate coronations in the faculty of the consciousness, to new technology on the planet the blue colour consisting of high technology for the outflights to other councils, where one is part of the many cosmic committees in harmony with another network, which is melted together with a lot of different kingdoms from the different planets, a status which you have been instructed to fulfil in order to “remember” the succession of the Row of Kings. 

It is here you have your own quite a special ornamented sceptre you bring with you during all your incarnations, also on Earth, in this sceptre is located the beginning of the Akasha feature articles enrolled by means of yourself and your rows of kings in the way  that you have been co-creater of each of the universal faculties to enrol each grade of development on those, and in the different status you have of your one entire  life in cosmos, which happens in one go during many lives, where you have a spark of yourself in this life her down below.

Here you sit among many souls and become hatch out in the big textbook of wisdom, your book, which you are to develop here on Earth, you are to inscribe yourself once more in a weeks time earthly speaking and, to present new wisdom added in this big book, which is inscribed in the sceptre for further use, when your activity has finished here on Earth, for we are with you in all eternity in this big plan of development, we stand behind you for every step you take here on Earth.

You are one of us, on Earth. Your “retinue” from the universe is around you pushing you to continue your big propagation, as there you automatically develop, going both ways, every time you promote something on Earth you have passed a royal exam enabling you to rise up the Road of the Kings, this development you have started 3 million years ago on the 7 000 planets where you belong to, time wise speaking of the here and now,  the embryo from where you are to supply wisdom to all those planets to where you have addition as well as to the council of the ancestors, a reason why you yourself feel “ elevated” when you speak through us, and you keep your head high with a bluish emanation in a very elevated vibration in order to add to humanity this harmony and tone to the sphere of the Absolute. When you reach out for the King baton is it because you are and have been co-creator of the white light essence, with which you feel very safe, when you are to tell and show humanity your work in your centres, the whole time you will be lifting your arm, for you are the barer of the force of the baton, people cannot see you have it, only you know the baton is there, not being able to be without it.

You will wear the crown in your centres and only there, for you are KING in your own house and therefore you are to manage your work and promotions, and then your emanation will shine far out in the whole country and much further crossing frontiers, for in this position you will be able to lighten up the way for all the souls of the world, all this you carry from here …….  We will be back during the newyear …… WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOUR WORK:  THANKS.

This was some of what is your cosmic work and in all future, a big hug from your sister of spirit, love from  ULLA

Ulla Runchel is a writer and researcher of the future, see more 

Merete Gundersen is SIQ therapist and writer,  for contact


This Texts is translated from Danish to English by Inge Korstgard   for contact


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